There are various different types of cat carriers on the market including hard, soft and cardboard carriers. Cardboard carriers are generally used for one time or infrequent transports. Although economical, they are not as sturdy, or comfortable as a hard or soft model.

If you transport your pet frequently you should probably invest in a sturdy hard or soft model. This way your cat can get used to the same carrier every time; and this carrier will be a little more stable and comfortable for your little one. Hard and soft carriers provide plenty of ‘window’ space so your cat can look around. Also certain airlines and buslines do allow pets on board if the carrier fits under the seat. In such cases you must use an ‘airline approved carrier’. Such carriers can be found on airline web sites or by calling each airline.

When choosing the size of your carrier make sure that it is about one and a half times the size of the cat. Your cat should be able to lie down flat, and to stand up and turn around. After you first purchase a carrier you will probably want to leave it out for your cat/s to sniff around and get used to. You may also want to put some toys, blankets or other familiar smells in the carrier. Whatever you do, try to make sure your cat feels safe and “at-home” in his/her carrier. Also, if you purchase a used carrier or a carrier that looks like it has been sitting at the pet store for way too long, make sure to thoroughly clean it out with antibacterial soap and warm water before allowing your cat to use it.

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