We all know that catnip can make cats go CRAZY… So how does catnip work anyhow?

Catnip is a natural herb of the mint family which acts as a hallucinogen. No wonder cats go nuts! Don’t worry though, it is nonaddictive. Although, it will lose its effectiveness on your cat if used too frequently so only give it as an occasional treat.

Some cats don’t seem to display any interest in catnip; however, most cats love it! You can purchase catnip at your pet store. The best form to provide your cats with catnip is to simply buy fresh catnip. When giving your cat fresh catnip squeeze it between your fingers (this helps release the oils in the herb) and place a little bit of it on the floor. Watch as your cat starts to eat it, lick it, cover him/herself with it, and roll all over it! Watch as your svelte feline turns into a crazy clown, rolling around on the floor like a nut!

You can also purchase toys filled with catnip. These are not very potent and allow the catnip to get stale very quickly. You can also purchase catnip spray which you can use to spray on scratching posts or toys to stimulate play or help your cat get interested in the scratching post. And lastly you can also purchase catnip seeds to grow catnip yourself.

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