Contrary to popular belief cats can go for walks with you. And if your cat does go for walks with you it is best if he/she becomes accustomed to wearing a leash and/or harness. And even if your cat doesn’t go for walks you may want to have a leash at home in the event that you need to take your cat outside and don’t want your cat to run off.

If you do want to teach your cat to go for walks start early and be patient! As a kitten your cat will be much more willing to wear a leash. Start slow, perhaps the first few times have your cat wear the leash at home for 5 minutes. Then work up to having your cat wear the leash for 20 minutes. Once your cat is comfortable with the leash start take him/her for a walk around the house. And finally, start taking him/her outside for brief periods of time. Work up to having a nice long walk with your pet.

A few words of wisdom:

  • Never take your cat to a loud, congested area for a walk (for example – never go for a walk in a parking lot). No matter how much your cat is comfortable with walks he/she will NOT like this and it could make your cat rethink the whole idea of taking walks altogether.
  • If your cat gets nervous or panicked at any point in your walk (especially when your cat is learning to go for walks) end the walk. Again a stressful event while taking a walk could leave a bad taste in your cat’s mouth for a long time.
  • Keep your cat monitored at all times and try to keep your cat away from other cats (especially strays), racoons, squirrels etc. This is for both your pets safety and health as well as the other animal’s.