Cats do not like or handle stress very well. It is during times of high stress that cats are more susceptible to illness (and susceptible to having recurring bouts with a current illness) and can suddenly and unpredictably start exhibiting the following behaviors:

Try to avoid or minimize stressful situations for your pet. Sometimes the situation itself (ex. moving) can’t be helped, but you can help soothe your pet during that time and keep him/her calm and low-stress throughout the situation. Here is a list of common situations that are stressful to cats:

  • Moving
  • Vacation (your cats will notice and be concerned that you are gone)
  • Holidays
  • Parties
  • Children in the house
  • Guests over
  • Other animals or a new cat in the house
  • Home cleaning
  • Home renovation
  • Trip to the vet or trip in the car
  • Loud music