21Cats has been helping cat guardians and cat lovers since January 2000. Most guardians have questions about their cats from time to time, and they don’t always want to pay for a vet visit to find out what they need to know. So guardians can visit 21cats.org to find instant answers to cat questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their own home. We understand the hesitance to run to the vet every time kitty has the sniffles, so we make sure to provide guardians with all the information needed to evaluate kitty’s symptoms, and we point guardians to the vet if those symptoms are indicative of a serious problem.

Sometimes guardians are too embarrassed to ask their vet the simple questions, or maybe they forgot to ask certain questions during a visit, or perhaps they simply didn’t bother their vet with questions because he/she seemed so busy. We make sure that guardians are never confused when it comes to doing the right thing for their cat. We are the one place guardians can count on whenever they have a nagging question, day or night, even the questions they don’t feel comfortable bothering the vet with.

Here’s what people are saying about 21Cats and our various services:

I have just made a donation to your “Ask Kitty Nurse” service, which was very helpful to me when my cat was having troubles with his anal glands. The information I received helped calm me down and get me through the weekend until I could get my big guy to his local vet. I’d bet I’m not the only one who has a good story to tell about “Ask Kitty Nurse” or about 21cats.org in general. You’re providing much-needed help, and I hope everyone who has been helped comes forward and gives of themselves in some way.
–Sarah – USA
“Early this year I found that my 10 week old kitten had come down with some sort of disease that was paralyzing his legs. At first my vet wasn’t very hopeful but after some discussions we agreed to try and treat it. In desperation to save him I searched the Internet for help and found 21Cats. Their response was instantaneous and extremely helpful. All through my ordeal with Rocky, 21Cats was with me every step of the way not only offering help to me but also to my vet who appreciated this assistance. I would not have had as many months with my Rocky without them and I will always be grateful for that. I volunteer with an animal rescue foundation in Canada and we are proud to be supporting 21 Cats and all that they do.”
–Andrea – Canada
“Last September, our cat Be Be was diagnosed with FIP. Be Be was seen by two vets, in a common practice, who both treated it like a death sentence rather than as a life challenge. Desperate to see what we could practically do about the situation, we searched the Internet and eventually found 21Cats.

We wrote to 21Cats and quickly got a response within hours. Not only did they answer our questions, they introduced us to Taz who also has FIP. Armed with Taz’s actual medical records as well as the detailed regime that has kept Taz going for 6+ years, we now had a real counterbalance to death sentence pronounced by the vets.

The vets remained skeptical. Surely they said, “Taz was misdiagnosed”. We adapted Taz’s regime to the realities of Hong Kong and set off engaging Be Be with a lot of love. This was in late Sept. 2001. In May 2002, we finally took Be Be, very much alive, into the vets for a check up. They were indeed surprised to see Be Be in such relatively good shape after 7 plus months. In fact, they were so surprised that they began to second guess their initial diagnosis. Perhaps, they said “Be Be was misdiagnosed”. “We think he has a ruptured diaphragm, not FIP” they said in calling us back after looking at an X-ray. Be Be and 21 Cats proved them wrong. No, indeed he has FIP but he is also very much alive and meowing.

Now the vets are on our side, very actively interested in the case of Be Be. They are now actually helping us to fine tune our regime! There is no doubt that if it were not for 21Cats and the detailed experience of Taz, Be Be would not still be with us.”
–Candace and John, Hong Kong

“I can’t express how much your answer to my question (to the ‘Kitty Nurse’) helped me and helped save my cat’s life. I wrote 21Cats because my cat was acting a little tired and didn’t seem like his old self. I had no idea what his symptoms could mean and would have never thought he was ill, let alone think his condition was life threatening. Within 20 minutes I got a response back from 21Cats who directed me to look at his ears and gums and check them for color. His ears and gums were whitish and pale. 21Cats informed me that this could point to anemia and directed me to consult my vet asap.

Without 21Cats I don’t think I would have noticed his symptoms and taken him to the vet’s as quickly as I did. And I know now that if I hadn’t taken him in when I did my little Shadow would not be with me today. I can’t thank you enough for your time and help”.
–Janice, USA

“You have been more helpful in this whole ordeal explaining things than all three vets my cats have been to. 21Cats help and assistance has been invaluable. Thank you, I think it is great that this site is available”.
–Mona, USA
“I love your site and I am looking forward to the newsletter. The site has been helpful as I am a vet assistant trying to get into school to become a registered technician. Your health info is easy to read, and informative. Thank You”.
–Brian, USA
“I learned a lot about cats from this site, and how to prevent some of the horrible diseases that can befall my kitties”.
–Shawna B., Canada
“I cannot tell you how much your experience with Taz meant to me and although I am very realistic about Simon’s condition, we love him very much and we plan on doing everything we can do to help him”.
–Heidi USA
“21Cats has given me a big insight into my cat’s behavior and I thank you very much”.
–Lisa USA
“Just a note to say how much I enjoy (and am referring people to) 21Cats.org. We just got a 5 month old kitten, and your site is so full of information, easy to find, and I really like the “symptoms” in the Health and Disease section. Keep up the good work”!
–Corey USA

Thousands of cat guardians like these obtain fast, free, accurate health and behavior information daily through the use of our “Ask the Kitty Nurse” Hotline, our Health and Care InfoCenter, and our Monthly Newsletters.

21Cats is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 95% of our funding comes from individual donations of $100 or less. If you would like to donate to 21Cats today please click here!

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