Volunteering for 21Cats

Do you live in the Northern California Napa Valley Area or close to Wine Country? 21Cats is located in St. Helena California – in the heart of Napa Valley. If you live in our area keep in mind that 21Cats needs foster parents to help us do our job for the feline community! 21Cats runs a non-traditional no-kill foster-based adoption agency. With that we need individuals who would be willing to provide foster care for animals in their homes. We need individuals that can provide the following types of foster care:

  • Foster Care for Kittens up to 12 weeks of age.
  • Foster Care for surrendered animals who need a place to stay until an adoption can be arranged.
  • Foster Care for special needs cats who may need a little extra time or attention and housing until adoption can be arranged.
  • Foster care for feral or semi-feral cats who need to be socialized to determine if they are adoptable or will be designated to a feral cat colony.

All you need to be a foster parent is room in your home (possibly a room separate from any other animals you have in your home) and a lot of love. 21Cats will provide food, toys and any veterinary care these cats may need.

Want to help save a life? If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

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