About Us

21Cats mission is to help cats lead longer, happier, and healthier lives through unique web and community based assistance, education and rescue programs. Such programs include our feral cat co-op and rescue programs, our online Health and Care InfoCenter which provides cat guardians with free information on everything from shedding to heart disease, our online ‘Ask the Kitty Nurse’
Hotline for users to connect with a feline professional any time of the day, and an online community designed to connect cat lovers around the world such that they may help, support and learn from each other. Our goal is to decrease relinquishment and euthanasia through behavioral modification programs, to raise the level of care though better understanding of feline issues, to improve the welfare of feral cats though socialization, rescue and behavioral modification programs, and to raise awareness of successful methods used to reduce the cat overpopulation problem.

21Cats is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is funded solely through donations from individuals and organizations in the community. We invite you to consider a donation to support our assistance programs, education programs, and to develop our future goals and programs. We feel that our future is very bright, and we would be honored to have your support!

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