Are Maine Coon Cats Good Hunters?

Maine Coon cats are widely recognized in the world for their hunting skills. For its ability to withstand extreme climates and for a level of intelligence that exceeds the average among all breeds of cats. Even in times past, they were used for hunting mice.

Despite that, it can be said that Maine Coons are not dangerous to humans; as pets, they are very affectionate and friendly. They always want to play. However, it must always be borne in mind that it is a hunting breed, so its behavior is a function. That is why they should not be punished when they try to hunt an animal.

The History of Maine Coons as Hunters

There are many doubts about the exact origin of Maine Coon cats. Viking warriors, indigenous raccoons, and even Queen Marie Antionette have been part of the history of this breed of cats. Of course, throughout history, none has demonstrated that they are part of the origin of this enigmatic breed of cats.

Motivated to his ancestor of the Norwegian cats, the legends told by the Vikings, is the one that possibly comes very close to the truth. It is imaginable to see these huge furry felines stalking the rodents on Viking ships to protect the very limited food they transported.

For the Vikings, having the Maine Coons was of vital importance. What is very clear is that this breed was initially domesticated to serve as a barn cat. Endless breeds of expenses were tamed for this purpose. Its instinct is to hunt, and it is an animal that is not genetically designed to be fed.

Characteristics of the Maine Coon

Maine Coon males can weigh up to 25 pounds, and females can weigh up to 18 pounds. Their legs are genetically equipped for combat and also to walk smoothly on snow. Some specimens have the prized sixth toe that transforms their legs into the ideal racket for jumping through the snow. At the same time, all other races are sinking.

They are called the Maine Coon for a specific reason. Meows are presented in trills rather than the traditional boastful or melancholic meows of cats. Due to its genetics, this breed is ideal for keeping the home free of vermin. Try as much as possible not to have smaller animals because they will instinctively see them as prey.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good Hunters?

In general, when these cats live on farms, they hunt rats and mice, even other types of rodents. This has made you since ancient times. Maine Coons never lose their hunting instinct even if they get used to being fed by the owner.

It is extremely important that Maine Coon cat owners do not keep smaller pets inside the home because the cat will always observe it as prey and, at some point, will try to hunt it. For that, there are nowadays toys with which you can calmly satisfy your hunting cravings.

When you buy toys for this breed, you must make sure that they are of high resistance. Due to the large size of the cat, some toys may be unsuitable. Stick toys and toys with feathers are sure to break. You will surely lose money and generate veterinary medical expenses due to possible damage to your health.

Be careful when throwing the toys, because to catch him he will not hesitate to throw himself on the furniture, on other animals and even on you. Due to its hunting nature, it is advisable to keep the animal indoors.

It is well known that domestic cats are the exterminators of entire species of birds and rodents. It is not the animal’s fault or yours. This is what humans have trained them for centuries.

Do Maine Coons Make Good Mousers?

Maine Coons are physically equipped to hunt rats, mice, birds, and even small mammals like rabbits. Its claws, sharp teeth, and very keen sense of sight and smell make it effective for the extermination of the plague.

This breed is so successful in hunting that the small wildlife population has decreased alarmingly in some countries. Therefore, when having a Maine Coon as a pet, you must take the necessary measures not to affect the home’s environment and have problems with the neighbors.

How exactly does a Maine Coon hunt?

In general, this breed and almost all cats use three strategies when they are about to hunt. They ambush, stalk, pounce, and fish. In ambush, the Maine Coon keeps its body very close to the ground by crouching down. But it can also lurk silently, camouflaging itself with its surroundings.

They wait for the right moment to attack, and when the right opportunity exists, they pounce on their prey quickly and efficiently. Stalking and jumping are performed similarly to when ambushing from a crouching position.

What differentiates these hunting processes is that you can start and stop them several times. Thus it can hardly be detected by the prey. These cats are continually approaching their prey. Until, when close enough, they make a successful attack, pouncing on the target.

Do Maine Coons Catch Mice?

When people have mouse infection problems, they usually consider owning a Maine Coon cat. This breed has earned a great reputation for being one of the best mousers in the world. They have an instinct that encourages them to hunt rodents.

If you are looking for a breed of cat to wipe out a population of mice. Do not hesitate to acquire a Maine Coon cat to achieve the goal. This breed has an honorable mention because they are excellent at this activity.

Since colonial times, Maine Coons have been prized for their great rodent hunting skills. That allowed the farmers to keep the farms free of rodents and other pests. This breed crossed from the European to the American continent in sailing ships because the sailors had them take care of the food of the mice and rats.

He is an expert hunter and an excellent domestic pet. Not only are they good at hunting mice, but they also can hunt larger-sized rodents.

Do Maine Coon Cats Like to Hunt?

In domestic Maine Coons the hunting instinct is never lost. A strong impulse drives the animal to develop this behavior even if it is not to eat. Physiological proof that Maine Coons and other cat breeds don’t hunt just for hunger. It is a fact that the lateral hypothalamus controls predatory behavior.

Although the control of hunger is also by the same region, the two behaviors are controlled independently. However, hunger plays a fundamental role in the appearance of predatory behavior.

In the animal kingdom, the instinct of cats is fine-tuned with learning. Around the time of weaning, the mother brings the cubs to live prey to train.

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How to tell if your Maine Coon will be a good hunter?

One way to tell if your Maine Coon is a good hunter is to find the toys intended for hunting and have them bring them to you. His movements, the fact that he performs all the hunting movements, such as ambushing, stalking, pouncing, and fishing, show that he is a good hunter.

Another way, not very pleasant, is when your Maine Coon brings you to your door, prey hunted outside or inside the home. This is not done to eat them, and sometimes it is presumed to do it to share the prey.

Why Do Maine Coons Know How to Hunt?

Are the Maine Coons independent?

Maine Coons have the instinct to hunt but also require technique and skill; among their most common hunting techniques are:

  • Maine Coons stalk and jump

Their jumping style is multi-step. First, they make a quick movement to stalk their prey, and when they are close, they watch for a long time.

  • They are experts in fishing

Maine Coons are experts in fishing. They can spend hours looking at a pond; just one movement is all it takes for the Maine Coons to hunt their fish.

  • They play with their prey

Maine Coons play with their prey to practice their hunting skills, and most perfect their technique without killing the prey.

Should We Prevent Maine Coons from Hunting?

It isn’t very easy to make the Maine Coon, not Can. His feline nature prevents them from losing that behavior, although the master supplies food. As is well known, hunting, not generally do it for hunger; they also do it as instinct.

What you have to avoid is that this behavior affects the environment of your home. What can generate problems with the neighbors, because their cat hit a pet from another house. It is very important to generate the conditions for your Maine Coon to stay as long as possible inside the house.


Maine Coon cats are an ideal pet for home. They are felines at loving ends, kind, and very calm. Best of all, they can keep the house free of rodents because of their great capacity to hunt.

They always want to play; it is advisable to acquire resistant toys to withstand the animal’s rudity. They have great size and abundant fur, so reading much information about them is advisable before acquiring a mascot.