Are Maine Coons Protective?

When you have a Maine Coon cat, you will discover that you have adopted a guard dog that will follow you anywhere. This breed of cats never ceases to amaze because of its size and personality. You may know that Maine Coons are protective, but you don’t know what level they can carry.

It may be time for you to find out why Maine Coons are protective and what signs of defense they show. You may also know if these cats are over-protective or very passive at times. With each of these points in mind, you can motivate yourself to adopt a Maine Coon.

Are Maine Coons Protective Of Their Owners?

Maine coons are protective, so it is not surprising that they are called “cat dogs” for their behavior. These cats are extremely intelligent, and with that, they have developed an overprotective personality towards their owners. You can see your kitten and follow you around the house, hoping to assist you when you are in danger.

Maine coons excel at one of the things. They are overprotective of the children in your home. If you leave a Maine Coon with your children, your pet will prevent something bad from happening.

Why are Maine Coons protective?

Why are Maine Coons protective?

You may wonder why Maine Coons are so protective, and there you will discover that:

  • They are very territorial.

Maine Coons are indirectly territorial, which creates an overprotective instinct towards their owner. The way Maine Coons keep an eye on you is by leaving their scent on your body. When one of these kittens rubs on your body, it is to perceive you better in case you leave their visual area.

  • They are to give love.

The love of the Maine Coons is so great that this makes them overprotective, so it is a good indication. The kitten will not let you get hurt, lost, or even attacked by another cat in the environment. These cats would give their lives to protect you, so you should value that love that they radiate.

  • Extremely smart

One last point you should keep in mind about Maine Coons and their sense of overprotection is extremely intelligent. These cats know very well who their owners are and why they should protect them.

Signs Your Maine Raccoon Is Protective

If you want to know the exact moment when your Maine Coon cat is overprotecting you, you can watch out for the signs:

  • They don’t stop meowing

Maine Coons are characterized by howling a lot, but they usually change their tune when they take on protecting you. Your cat will meow more firmly, trying to tell you something that could save your life or avoid an animal. You have to be aware of these meows that are usually accompanied by a fixed view towards the point that will be dangerous.

  • They follow your steps

You may be walking through your backyard, and your cat is following in your footsteps to protect you. Your Maine Coon will be very close, preventing any animal from attacking you. You may also notice how your pussycat crosses between your legs to prevent you from continuing to walk.

  • Grunt

If you are very close to possible danger, your Maine Coon will growl, indicating that it is ready to attack. This growl is usually loud and is accompanied by a gaze towards the possible attacker, who could be a dog.

  • They attack possible danger

Ultimately, if the Maine Coon feels you are in danger, they will have no choice but to attack. These cats are loving, but they will stick out their claws and attack without thinking when they focus on protecting you.

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Can Maine Coons be overprotective?

Yes, Maine Coons are overprotective when they have to be, so you have to value them. They are cats that love to be by your side and will always worry about your physical condition or that of your relatives. When Maine Coons empathize with you, it is a bond that will last a lifetime for you to keep in mind.

The most common signs in which you may notice the overprotection of your Maine Coons are:

  • They have their claws out, waiting to attack the danger if it approaches you.
  • His tail flutters more than normal, indicating he feels upset.
  • Their teeth are out. This is accompanied by slight grunting, and that, little by little, they increase the sound.
  • They have dilated pupils and a focused mind.
  • They have an attack position with the tail up, flattened ears, and a little stooped body.

When you see your pet with these signs, it may be only fair that you try to calm them down. You can take your Maine Coon and hug him to show him that you are not in danger. On the other hand, you can stay away from the area that your Maine Coon considers dangerous.

Who else will Maine Coons protect?

The maine coons will protect just about anyone they bond with at home. If you have children, it is obvious that your cat will try to protect your children when they are in danger. On the other hand, if a family member treats your maine coon cat badly, it may not be overprotective.

If you give love to your maine coon, you will receive that same appreciation in overprotection that he usually gives you. This protective instinct is something that come in the personality of the Maine coon that you cannot avoid. All you have to do is adjust to the personality of your cat and try to cope with it daily.

Maine Coon overprotection can be mild or lead to extreme cases where you are jealous of just about anything. You may adopt a dog, and the Maine coon may feel that it is dangerous to avoid. So the problems do not occur with your new pet, you will have to introduce it to your cat and thus understand that there is no danger.


Maine Coons are cats that have an unusual personality when you discover their sense of overprotection. Unlike other care-free cats, this breed cares about your health so that they will take care of you. You can feel like your Maine Coon follows in your footsteps around the house to protect you in the event of a problem.

These cats are very loving, and this can be expressed in their overprotection that you will not be able to avoid. Maine Coons will also protect your children, wife, or other family members that you interact with.

You can watch out for the protective signals your cat expresses and try to calm him down on the spot. Your cat will only have to feel that you are well to lower his guard and thus worry about sleeping or eating. It is good that you know your Maine Coon well to live in harmony with him.