Can Cats Drink Apple Juice?

Do you have a cat? Then you must be wondering about the different things that you can offer to her. It is really difficult to know about the food that they can eat. And as the pet owner, it is your responsibility to offer them something which has nutritional value. You need to make sure that their food may not make them fall sick. It is crucial for you to do some research or consult with the vet regarding that.

There may be some doubts in the person mind whether they can drink milk or juice. To clear the doubts about that the person can read out this article!

What does apple juice contain?

Apple juice is a mixture of sugar (glucose, sucrose, and primary fructose), polysaccharides, and oligosaccharides. It may protect the cells from different types of disease or oxidative stress. In this juice, there are 88% of the water present and 11% carbohydrates, including 9 % sugar.

Can cats drink apple juice?

Now, here comes the main question that can cats drink apple juice. A cat owner always wanted to make their cat feed something good. And if they have a little bit of apple juice, they can feed the cat. But it should be homemade and 100% natural. It is because the apple juice that gets from the supermarket may have chemicals, preservatives, and sugar, which might hurt your kitty’s stomach.

Is apple juice safe for cats?

If you are feeding your cat the apple juice, it is no harm unless you are getting it from the market. However, cats are carnivorous, and they do not eat fruits to stay healthy, and in some cases, it might cause them stomachache, diarrhea or vomiting. And that is why if a pet owner is giving them a limited amount of juice, they can give them only occasionally, and it should be natural and homemade.

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Is apple juice healthy?

If you are talking about humans, then it is! It is completely free of calories and fat, which might cause them low cholesterol. In apple juice, you might find some important nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and folate. But if you will talk about the cat, then it should only be given just a little bit and that also if it is natural. It may have sugar that which might cause some problems in the cat, which might not be healthy for the cat.

How much apple juice is too much?

If you are offering your cat apple juice, you need to make sure that it is not so much. It should be freshly homemade juice and 100% natural. It means the pet parent should not add any additional sugar content. And it should be just a little bit only.


So, the pet owner may have understood that taking care of the cat is not easy; you need to know what they can eat and what they do not. And Apple juice is good but not good for cats if it is too much.