Can Maine Coon Cats Live With Other Cats?

Maine Coons are pets surrounded by mysteries, from the way they eat to the type of their personality type. However, they are very striking kittens that you want to have at home to be your companion. Now, your love for cats may be enormous, and you doubt if Maine Coons will adapt to other kittens.

It is time for you to find out if Maine Coons like other cats of the same breed or different breeds. Find out if huge cats are aggressive towards other kitties or have a 100% loving personality. Lastly, you may know how to introduce a Maine Coon to other cats and vice versa so that they can form a friendship.

Do Maine Coons like other cats?

Do Maine Coons like other cats?

The enormous size of the Maine Coons may make you doubt whether they are territorial cats or, on the contrary, they love to share. The cats of this breed stand out for being very loving so that they tend to live with other cats of different categories. You may take your first Maine Coon home and introduce him to your Siamese cat, noting that the two of cats get along.

Maine Coons do not mind sharing with other cats, although it is of the utmost importance that you introduce them properly. These cats do not suffer from jealousy when you keep other pets or the same or different species. However, you must not forget to give love to all the kittens equally so that they do not feel alone at home.

Can Maine Coon cats live with other cats?

If you wonder whether Maine Coons cats can live with other cats, the short answer is yes. You don’t have to worry about these cats and their personality because they are one hundred percent love. Maine Coons always try to bond with the pets around them at home, highlighting them as one of the most friendly cats.

On the other hand, it is important that you analyze their personality before bringing a Maine Coon home or another cat of a different breed. The other cats you are trying to mate your Maine Coon with can be territorial, making it difficult for them to live.

Are Maine Coon cats aggressive?

Maine Coons are unlikely to show a range of aggression when you have them at home. These cats are loving, although they will also defend themselves in any dangerous situation. You can have a Maine Coon and feel the love for itself and other pets around the house.

It is important that you also get your Maine Coon cat used to sharing with his other friends at home. You must show your cat that all pets can eat from the same tray or fail in the same area.

Maine Coon Characteristics

If you are thinking of adopting a Maine Coo, you may need to know some characteristics. These cats dominate because of their size, but you must also take into account other things such as:

  • Height: Maine Coons typically average 10 to 16 inches tall, making them the largest domestic cats.
  • Weight: a Maine Coon cat can weigh between 8 to 18 pounds, considering that this would be ideal for an adult kitten.
  • Life expectancy: you can be accompanied by a Maine Coon for an average time of 10 to 13 years. Life expectancy may increase or decrease depending on how well you care for your cat.
  • Colors: these animals usually have white – black, tan – chocolate, gray, ebony, beige, sable, cream, etc.
  • The temperament of the Maine Coon is affectionate and very friendly.

An extra feature that you should consider before adopting a Maine Coon is grooming it to be sociable. You have to teach your pet to share with other cats or dogs that you have at home. It is important that you introduce your Maine Coon with the other animals from an early age so that they can form a good friendship.

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Introducing a Maine Coon to your other cats

It is time for you to try to organize the first meeting of a Maine Coon with other cats by doing the following:

  • Set limits

You have to set limits so that your new kitten can adapt to the house and not have this prominent cat around. You can put the new cat in the living room while you confine your Maine Coon in the bedroom or other area of ​​the house.

  • Feed both cats well

You do not have to prefer either of the two cats not to be jealous of each other. You must feed each of the cats very well.

  • Swap the area of ​​the cats

Now that you have the boundaries defined, you can swap the cats’ area to suit the scents. Indirectly you will be bonding both pets because they will tolerate the smell of their counterpart.

  • Visual communication

With more than a month living on the same roof, it is time for you to introduce your kittens formally. You can carefully show your Maine Coon the other kitten so that he gets to know him and discovers that he is not dangerous.

  • Establish the first meeting

Once or twice you show your Maine Coon the other kitten is enough to keep them together for a few minutes. You have to be on the lookout for this appointment between the cats, so  do not

Introducing a new cat to your Maine Coon

If, on the other hand, you take a Maine Coon cat home and you want to introduce him to your kitten, you must do the following:

  • Divide the house into two areas, one for each cat.

Properly you should divide the house into two areas so that both cats do not collide with each other. This separation allows the adaptation of the kittens to be completed successfully.

  • Introduce your Maine Coon to the other cat.

You should take your little Maine Coon and introduce him to the other cat as you teach him not to attack him. This first meeting should be careful because your other cat may feel confused. Depending on how your other cat reacts, you can leave both kittens together for a whole day.


You may be encouraged to have a Maine Coon in the home because it is a very loving cat. However, when it comes to socializing with other cats, you need to give them a little nudge. By following each of the steps in details to introduce your kittens, you will help them form their herd.

Maine Coons are the best cats to socialize with other breeds, so you will not have any impediments when introducing them. You should only be aware of each reaction in the Maine Coon when you see the other cat or vice versa.