Can Maine Coons Be Small?

The Maine coon breed is known throughout the world, mainly in the Maine of the United States. There are many stories and legends about how these cats came into people’s lives and how they have achieved their fame. In 1850, when they first came to the USA, these long-haired cats were interbred with American short-haired cats.

These cats are the perfect company for people who have rural houses, farms in Northwest America. For that reason, the name of this breed is Maine Coon and was placed for having a tail similar to raccoons. Although many people thought that these cats had DNA from raccoons, it is impossible.

Can Maine Coons Be Small?

They are known for being “gentle giants of the world,” and their size is truly majestic and impressive. In addition to their personality, these cats attract much attention for their size; they grow a lot. Their normal weight is 26 pounds, and they can be up to 3 feet tall; they take about 3 to 5 years to grow to their normal size.

Not all Maine raccoons can grow like most of this breed for many reasons. These cats are not the same as other breeds; you can see that their growth is much slower compared to other cats. Here are some of the reasons why not all Maine Coons cats are the same size.

  • Maine Coons Cat Sales

Many people sell these cats; they cross them with Maine cats and pure Maine Coon cats. People who do not know much about this breed may buy cats thinking they will have a giant feline. Therefore, if you want a cat of this breed, you must know its physical attributes to have the cat you need.

  • Because of its popularity

Certainly, many of the farms in the country, mixed with other breeds that are naturally small. Also, because they do not have the same characteristics, nor are they similar to the Maine Coons, the cats of this breed are not the same size.

  • They sell as a hobby

These kennels certainly do not have the necessary experience to breed cats of this species. They should only know that it is a well-known and very famous cat, without knowing that they are not pure Maine Coon cats and will not grow as they really should be.

How Big do Maine Coons Grow?

Due to the breed type, these cats can weigh from 15 – 25 KG; they are not as big as many people think. Their weight and size also vary if the cat is male and female and neutered or spayed since they gain weight. According to experts, male maine coons can weigh 5-8 KG and neutered 12 KG, female maine coons can weigh 3-5 KG and sterilized 7-8 KG.

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Why Can Maine Coons Be Small?

Why Can Maine Coons Be Small?

Many people think that maine coons are big and do not understand why their cat is small. This is due to the following:

  • They grow slower than other breeds

A Maine Coon can grow much slower than other breeds but will eventually grow much larger than other cats.

  • Because your race is mixed or has health problems

If your Maine Coon reached adulthood, is fully developed, and has not yet grown sufficiently, it is most likely that he presented a health problem for which you should take him to the vet.

Are There Any Small Maine Coon Purebreds?

After several investigations, the experts have not known a cat of this purebred species, and its size is small. These cats are well known for their physique and being one of the largest of their entire species. Do not be fooled since its physique is quite clear, and if a Maine Coon cat is small, it is because it was mixed with another breed of cat.

The true maine coon cats are from American, specifically from the State of Maine. Its coat is long, abundant, dense, bicolor, tabby, tricolor, tortoiseshell or smoke, square head, and pronounced cheekbones. They have large eyes, with a very long and bushy tail.

The Smaller Cat Breeds

Through a list created by experts, several types of cats are considered the smallest cats in the world. If you want to know, stay reading this spot to have the information you will see and learn about other breeds of cats. In addition, these cats are the most suitable for apartment living. They adapt very easily to those small and comfortable places.

  • Singapore

This cat is considered one of the smallest in the world, weighing approximately 1-3 KG. Native to Singapore, how the name says it, but still many experts do not know its origin, since there are many theories. An adult female cat weighs 1.8 kg, the adult male cat weighs 2.7 kg, with large ears and a coat with two shades.

  • Munchkin

It weighs 4-5 KG. If it is male, female cats weigh 2-3 KG; it is one of the world’s most popular and lovable cats. Its origin is from the United States; its name comes from the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” where Heroine meets a town called Munchkin. In 1983, they began to document this miniature cat, thus being a natural genetic mutation.

  • Devon Rex

Another cat known for having a very small stature and a 2-4 kg weight comes from the United Kingdom. It is known in the 1960s. It is a very friendly, affectionate, and affectionate cat; they have characterized it as a hypoallergenic cat. You will want to take it home when you can see it because it is very cute and adorable, with incredible colors and a very penetrating look.


There are approximately 70 different breeds of cats, all with different personalities and characteristics. Millions of people around the world have a cat for various reasons, and it is scientifically proven that they can help you reduce stress. They are an excellent company for those who suffer from depression and feel lonely.

By caring them, you will see how your mood will change soon, and you will feel much better no matter what the breed is. If you are thinking of having a cat and making it part of your family, Maine Coons are an excellent option because they are the friendliest cats in the world.