Care and Behaviour

Caring for your cat means much more than simply making sure he or she has plenty of food and water.  Toys, scratching posts, catnip and cat beds are just a few things that can improve your cat’s quality of life.  Your cat’s mental health is just as important as his or her physical health, and the better you understand your cat’s verbal and nonverbal signals to you, the better your time with your cat will be.   Keeping your cat mentally stimulated, well exercised, and in a loving low-stress environment can keep him or her happy and healthy for years to come!

The Truth About Finding and Caring for a Cat!Why do people choose cats over dogs?  Is a cat the right animal for you?  What can you expect if you own a cat?  What new responsibilities will you take on?  How do you go about finding the cat that’s right for your family?

Before you get a new cat read this 4 part section to find out the following:

**Keep in mind that like any other research you do on your own, the information on this site should serve as a supplement to professional care.  There is no substitute for a veterinary exam if you feel your cat has a behavioral problem or may be ill, so at the first sign of a problem you should always make a vet appointment ASAP.