Why Does My Cat Keep Getting Abscesses?

An abscess is a pus filled sore on the skin.

So, why does my cat keep getting abscesses?

Generally if a cut or wound is left untreated it can ‘abscess’.

This occurs when pus is formed from destroyed skin cells, white blood cells, and bacteria.

This pus becomes trapped under the skin forming the abscess cavity.

If the abscess is not treated properly the infection can quickly spread throughout the body.

Eventually the bacteria and toxins in the pus will spread to the blood and can lead to death.

Symptoms Of Abscesses

  • White, pus-filled wound
  • Wound with discharge
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Fever

How to Treat Cat Abescesses Effectively

How to Treat Cat Abescesses Effectively

If your cat exhibits any of the above symptoms he/she needs to be taken to the vet immediately.

As stated, an untreated abscess can become very serious.

Your pet may need to have the wound flushed with an antibiotic solution and may require a drain to flush the wound at home.

Your pet will also be put on antibiotics for at least 7-10 days.

In most cases this will take care of the infection if it is caught in its early stages.

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How to Prevent Your Cat From Getting Abescesses In the Future

Abscesses are mostly seen in outdoor cats who have been in a fight with another animal.

Such cats have a high chance of receiving a fight wound and if these wounds are left untreated they can abscess.

The best way to protect your animal from such wounds is to keep your pet indoors and to monitor your pet if he/she is an outdoor animal for any scratches, bites or wounds before they become infected.