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The holiday season is a great time of the year. Social gatherings, a little eggnog, a few snowflakes, exchanging gifts, and decorating the house can help make this a magical and wonderful time of the year. But the holidays can also pose some problems and challenges for your feline. Keep reading to find out how to keep your cat safe, healthy, and happy as we roll into 2003.

How Cold is It?
Even a cat with the thickest of fur can die of exposure when the temperature drops too low! If you have an outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat and live in a cooler climate you may want to consider keeping kitty inside during the winter months, especially at night. At minimum make sure that your cat always has access via a kitty door to come inside if he/she becomes cold or needs a break from the weather. Cats who become too cold will seek out protection from the elements. And many cats will choose a dangerous place to rest, such as the underside of a car or a garbage dumpster. If your cat uses an outside litterbox you may also want to consider bringing the box inside. Many cats find it unpleasant to use such a box during the winter and may start finding a “more desirable” place in your home. And lastly, if your cat normally spends a good bit of time outside but now has to be inside due to the weather, make sure to provide him/her with plenty of toys, cat towers to climb on, playtime and attention to ward of boredom, anxiousness or irritability.

I Couldn’t Eat Another Bite!
Who can miss all the special food and cooking around the holidays. This may tempt you and your kitty! Unfortunately this can be bad for both of you! Cats can get Salmonella from undercooked or raw meats and fish. Bones from turkey and poultry can get lodged in a cat’s throat, causing him/her to choke. Such bones can also break and if swallowed could puncture kitty’s stomach. Cats with sensitive stomachs can become ill and vomit from eating too many sweets, snacks, meats or a variety of everything! Onions, which contain Disulfides – a compound that can damage red blood cells in cats, are also dangerous to cats. And remember that chocolate is toxic to cats. So always keep chocolate out of reach of your furry little pal!

It’s Time for a Party!
Although visitors may be welcomed guests to you, your cat may get nervous and upset by all the new faces and bustle of the party. Guests, not always being as aware of your cat as you are, may accidentally step on your cat or unknowingly lock your cat in a coat closet or bathroom. And as most cat owners know, a cat who is locked somewhere he/she does not want to be WILL let you know it in one way or another! Another potential hazard comes from the possibility of your cat escaping during guest entry and exit. During parties you may want to keep your cat in a separate room or separate part of the house that is closed off to visitors. Make sure that the room has a litterbox, food, water, some toys and a cat bed or blanket that your cat likes to sleep on. Although your cat may initially not appreciate being confined to a single area, he/she will welcome the quite, solitude, and safety that it will bring in the long run. And always make sure you cat is wearing an ID tag, so in the event that he/she does get lost you have the best possible chance of having your cat returned homed safe and sound.

Under the Mistletoe!
Many popular plants of the holiday season can be dangerous or even deadly to your cat. Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettia all bring beauty and holiday spirit to the home. However Mistletoe and Holly are actually poisonous to cats if ingested. And Poinsettia, although not as toxic, will make your cat very ill if eaten. If your cat tends to be a plant nibbler try to keep such plants out of reach of your cat or consider purchasing silk flowers instead of live ones.

The Glow of a Warm Fire!
Candles and fireplaces can be dangerous to your cat and your home. Your cat may think the moving flame of a candle or fireplace is an intriguing toy to sniff, investigate, and bap. However a curious cat can become the victim of singed whiskers and fur, a burnt paw, or worse. And your house can be in danger if your cat knocks the candle over. Try to keep any open flame out of reach of kitty, always keep fireplace screens shut, and never leave a candle unattended!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!
A Christmas tree can be a very exciting addition for your family and for a curious cat! Cats, assuming this is just another tree, may try to climb, scratch, or jump on your X-mas tree. If your tree isn’t secured inside the tree stand you may one day find your tree on the ground with kitty under it! Cats also go crazy over hanging ornaments, especially if they make noise! Such ornaments, mistaken for toys, may be smacked at, bapped at, or even pulled off the tree. Glass ornaments can break, creating shards that could cut or be swallowed by your cat. Ornament hooks and hangers can also pose problems for kitty if chewed on or swallowed. The best solution is to keep all ornaments off lower tree branches or any branches that your cat can get to. Tinsel can also be a problem for kitty. Many cats will chew and swallow tinsel or icicles. Such objects can get lodged in the stomach or intestines which can be harmful or even deadly to your cat. The pine needles of the tree are also toxic to your cat so try to keep as many pine needles as possible off the skirt of the tree and floor. Also try to train your cat to avoid chewing on or eating needles off the tree if he/she is a nibbler.

Look into the Light!
During the holiday season many of us put up strings of lights around our home or on our Christmas tree. Cats can become mesmerized and fascinated with such lights, especially if they blink. However that fascination usually ends when kitty starts to chew on the cords and gets a nasty shock, an electrical burn, or worse. One way to deal with lights is to keep light strings off the lower branches of the tree and areas that your cat has access to. As for cords you can purchase plastic cord covers or spray the cord with a cat repellant (found at your local pet store).

And that’s that! with a few simple adjustments you can make your home safe for kitty and festive enough for you and your family. Then all of you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday season!

One last thing, from all our cats to all of your cats, don’t forget to get a few presents and stocking stuffers for kitty!