Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along with Dogs?

You may have some Maine Coon cats at home, and you have no idea how they would behave around a dog. So you can have peace in your home, it is good that you know how good the personality of your pet is. Not all cats are friendly with dogs because this will depend on the genes with which their breed stands out.

Maine coon cats share several things with their owners that you might like and motivate you to own. These cats are not only beautiful, but they are also a great companion that you should have in your life. But before you adopt and bring a Maine Coon cat home, you should know how friendly they are.

Find out if cats of this breed get along well with dogs or tend to clash in personalities because they are aggressive. Learn how you can introduce a Maine kitten to your dog so that he can get along at home. You should take each step perfectly so that your kitten becomes the best friend of your dog.

And, you may know how to introduce your puppy to a Maine cat when your dog is in the adult phase. These cats may change personality when they grow, so it is good to consider introducing yourself to your pet.

Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along with Dogs?

Maine coon cats is a huge breed in size and they are usually very friendly. When you have a Maine Coon cat at home, you can know that it will live with your dog. These cats are friendly, so they will never try to scratch your pet unless they feel attacked.

Maine Coon cats are like dogs in their category for displaying a passive personality for many pet lovers. These cats tend to exceed the average size of a Siamese cat or another breed, so that you would have doubts about their personality. However, these cats will surprise you because they will even sleep with your dog if your dog allows them to do so.

The dog’s personality is also a deciding factor for the cat to get along well and live on the same roof. Dogs are sometimes very territorial, and this could affect your friendship with your cat. It is good that you can train your dog and cat to live in harmony, avoiding conflicts.

The dog breeds that tend to get along wonderfully with Maine Coon cats are:

  • Pug: if you have a pug, you can rest easy knowing that he will get along wonderfully with your Maine Coon cat. These dogs have a very passive personality that causes them to be loving with other pets.
  • Papillon: they are a small breed of dog that tends to get along very well with any cat, including the Maine Coon. These dogs are usually the size of an average cat.
  • Basset Hound: they are tolerable pets that will try to live with your cat, so it would be brilliant if you introduced them.
  • Labrador Retrievers: they are playful pets that will seek to run with your cat or even sleep together. Labrador Retrievers are average in size, so that the Maine Coon cat could be their size.
  • Golden Retrievers: Golden Retrievers are the most passive breed of dog that you can have in your home, so they are ideal for your Maine Coon kitten. Do not get carried away by the size of this huge dog because they are 100% love.
  • Bulldog: You can introduce your Maine Coon kitten to a Bulldog and see how well they get along within minutes. However, both Bulldogs and Maine Coons are usually very attached, so they often fight for your love.
  • Beagle: Beagles are dogs that will always seek to renew their pack, so they will have no problem adding a Maine Coon. You must let both pets live together at home and notice that they become inseparable.

Introducing a Maine Coon kitten to your dog

Introducing a Maine Coon kitten to your dog

For you to see how your Maine Coon kitten connects with a dog, you have to present them in the best way. You will have to follow some steps so that both pets can form a bond:

  • You must analyze your dog’s breed, considering that not all dogs get along well with cats. If, for example, you have a Bulldog or a Golden Retriever, you will be sure that it will live with your kitten. If you have an Irish Wolf, Bedlidton Terir, or an Afghan Hound, you should refrain from introducing your maine coon
  • Ideally, you should introduce your dog to a Maine Coon kitten that is no older than nine weeks of age. In this way, you have the assurance that both the dog and the cat can be tolerated at home.
  • At first, the cat may not get along with your dog, but you must be patient. You should define a space in the house for the kitten and a space for your dog so that they can adapt to living together.
  • As time goes by, you can see how the Maine Coon kitten gets along wonderfully with your dog. This bond that both pets will form will allow you to have peace in your home.

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Introducing a puppy to your adult Maine Coon

On the other hand, if you have an adult Maine Coon cat and bring a dog home, you must learn to introduce them. For you to get your Maine Coon cat to tolerate your new pet, it is necessary that:

  • You formally introduce your Maine Coon cat to the new pet you have adopted. When these cats reach adulthood, they are usually very tolerable, so they will be curious to see the dog.
  • It is good that you leave the dog free so that it can live with your Maine Coon cat and adapt to it. You must free the pet from him without the fear that she may hurt your cat. Puppies are usually very friendly; this applies to the vast majority of dog breeds.

How you can introduce a puppy to your adult Maine Coon is much simpler than when it is the other way around. Maine Coon cats will adapt to your puppy in no time because their nature is peaceful no matter how old they are.

Final Words

Maine Coon cats are often the most adorable pets you can have in the home. These kittens tend to live with any pet, including your dog. By complying with each step to introduce your pets, you will lead to success by having peace in your home.

It is good that you pay attention to the steps of how to introduce your maine coon kitten to a dog. Maine coon cats in their adult stage have a more peaceful personality, so it is easy to introduce them to a puppy.