Do Maine Coon Cats Like Dogs?

Maine coons cats are adorable and friendly felines that get along very well with humans and other pets. This is one of the largest domestic cat breeds globally, and its large size sets them apart from other cats.

They have an extroverted and playful behavior that is very similar to the behavior of dogs. Maine coons are unique kittens and are less feline than their physical appearance.

But do Maine coons cats get along with dogs? Below you can learn more about this interesting topic for pet owners.

Can Cats and Dogs Live Together?

Yes, Maine Coons cats and dogs can get along, but the integration process must be correct, and they must be handled with care. Maine Coons are relaxed, friendly, gentle kittens, and they are not aggressive; this behavior makes them adapt perfectly to all animals, including dogs.

Maine Coons are known as the dogs of the cat world for their outgoing and playful behavior, much like dogs.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs?

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs?

Maine coons is a breed of domestic cat known for its large size and gentleness; they are good with humans, children, and other pets. Maine coons are generally shy kittens and have to adjust to new people or pets at first, but the warming up process is very quick.

After a couple of days, your Maine Coon kitten will get in touch with your dog, and the both of pets can stay together without any problem inside the house. Maine coons can enjoy companionship; they are social, they are not territorial, and they are playful.

Being a not-so-feline breed, maine coons will not attack domestic pets unless they are disturbed and threatened by your dog.

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Why Do Maine Coon Cats Act Like Dogs?

The personality and behavior of a Maine Coon cat are always compared to that of a dog. Having a feline of this breed at home will be similar to having a dog; they are playful, friendly, outgoing, and love water.

Maine Coons are kittens that act like dogs; when you come back, they will greet you at the door with enthusiasm and greet you every morning; these are behaviors most associated with dogs. They are friendly and can build strong bonds with their human family, canine-like characteristics.

They are considered dog-like for the following reasons:

  • Its physical structure
  • His love for the guide
  • They are friendly, extremely pleasant, and friendly.
  • They adore human company
  • They follow the owner inside his house
  • You are greeted at the door
  • They are trainable, you can teach them to play and look for objects
  • They are playful cats
  • They are very affectionate; they will show their love to their human family through licks and hugs
  • They are loyal cats
  • You can take them for a walk on a leash
  • Maine Coons are smart cats
  • They are not aggressive

How to Introduce a Maine Coon to a Dog

How to introduce a Maine Coon to a dog

If you want to have a dog together with a Maine Coon in your home, the first thing to do is find a correct integration process. Although they have a different language, they can get along very well together and be good playmates. If you want to introduce a Maine Coon to a dog, you can follow these tips:

  • Research on both pets

The first step in the integration process is to research each breed. You should bear in mind that not all cats or dogs have the same behaviors; depending on their breed, they have different characteristics.

Before putting them together, do complete and detailed research, and you will be able to learn more about both breeds and avoid problems in the future. This will also let you know if your dog will get along with cats. If the dog has a very strong hunting instinct, bringing them together can be a problem because the dog will chase the cat everywhere.

  • Separated Animals

When you decide to bring a maine coon cat home to share with your dog or vice versa, you must keep your cat completely separate from your dog and other pets. Animals will need to get used to each other’s presence and smells.

Although Maine Coons are not territorial, dogs are, and when encountering the cat in their territory, they can become stressed and fight. Pet owners should ensure that the resident animal is not uncomfortable or upset by the presence of the other.

If the cat is the resident, you should let it roam around the house as it always does, but without reaching the space or den where the dog is.

  • Configure Bases

If you plan to bring a maine coon cat into your home to share with your dog, you should make sure to create 2 separate dens. It is a place where both pets can return and can be alone without the company of the other animal, and each space must have:

  • Animal bed
  • Water
  • Scraper
  • Meal
  • Sanitary tray
  • Pet toys
  • Presenting the scent

In this step, your cat and dog will be aware of each other’s presence at home, but to start integrating them properly, you need to keep them separate. An important step in this introductory process is introducing the dog’s scent to your Maine Coons cat. This is done by taking a blanket with the dog’s scent and then leaving it on the cat’s bed.

You should leave the blanket there so your cat can smell it for a while and observe his reaction. If your cat gets too stressed, you should remove it immediately and try again later. When you feel that the cat is comfortable with the presence of the dog’s scent, it is time to take a blanket from the cat and place it on the dog’s bed.

Follow same procedure that I use with the cat, allow the dog to adjust the smell of the cat and smell the blanket for a while.

  • Quality time

In the integration process, you should make sure to spend time with your Maine Coon cat and with your dog individually. This is a very important step so that none of the pets can feel left out or rejected.

  • Change its space

When you feel that your pets are happy in their separate space, you can switch places. Take the dog out of its den and allow the cat in, and do an investigation of the dog’s space. It should be time for your Maine Coons to smell the entire room.

Then do the same with your dog, take the cat out of his living space and get to the dog so he can smell the place. If you notice that the pets are stressed, you should not force them to stay in the room; you should remove them and repeat this step until they adjust.

  • Introduction

When the cat and dog are comfortable with each other’s scent and smells, it will be time to introduce them. You must be very careful to prevent them from being attacked, let your pets investigate each other, and give them your time. You should keep a close eye on the introduction until you feel that both of you are comfortable sharing.


Having a Maine Coon in your home will be a great surprise and joy to all pet owners. It will be like having a dog at home; they are faithful, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and friendly.

Their behavior makes them good companions, and they get along very well with your family; and they are also cats that get along very well with dogs. If you want to integrate them, you can follow the steps mentioned above, and it will be a quick and easy process, thanks to the gentle and docile behavior of the maine coon.