Do Maine Coon Cats Love Water?

The Maine coon is a cat native to the United States, specifically in the Maine. Among the characteristics that make these cats stand out are their large size, friendly and pleasant nature. They easily get used to home life and are very affectionate with all members of the family.

Likewise, these cats are so large that male maine coon can weigh between 6 and 8 kilograms, while female maine coons weigh up to 5 kilograms. They have muscular and strong bodies, making them stand out as the most imposing breed of cats. But what makes them stand out the most is their beautiful fur with ocher, beige, white, black, and gray shades.

These cats are extremely intelligent and are capable of learning to hunt their food. One of the things that characterize them and differentiate them from all other cats in the world is that Maine Coons love water. These cats can sit and play with water from the tap or their drinking fountain.

Do Maine Coon cats love water?

Like most cats, Maine Coons love water. This can be controversial for most people who believe in the myth that cats dislike water, but it is completely sure.

Cats are reluctant to water because of their origin. According to history, cats are originally from the Middle East, populated by deserts where water was scarce; it conditioned them to distrust this element simply because of strangeness and ignorance. The cats perceived water as a rare commodity, and the water wasn’t present in their usual routine.

As they were domesticated, and they interacted with other areas in which water was available in their daily life, their curious nature predisposed them to approach it, always under the parameters of respect and prudence. For cats, water is not synonymous with cleanliness.

Now, that does not imply denying that cats like water and cannot enjoy the sensation of interacting with it, especially in terms of entertainment and games.

Most cats are usually excellent swimmers, and many of them are characterized by demanding contact with water as play therapy and relationship with their owners. Among them, it is worth highlighting the Bengal cat, which loves to go through the bathtub and splash at will. Something similar happens to the Main Coon breed of enormous size and fur.

Can Maine Coons swim?

One of the things that most characterize the maine coon cat is its desire for water, being one of the cat breeds that are not afraid of water. They are even excellent swimmers despite their abundant coats. In addition, as a curious fact, we can say that it is one of the oldest feline breeds in the world since its figure was already recorded in myths and legends of Scandinavian mythology.

The maine coon cat is a large cat, which can weigh up to 9-10 kg. Its beautiful coat requires certain care to keep it in good condition, such as regular brushing, baths with suitable products, and a quality diet rich in omega 3 and 6. It stands out for its affectionate and protective character.

Why do Maine Coon Cats Love Water?

Why do Maine Coon Cats Love Water?

Maine Coons cats enjoy and play in the water, making them a special cat breed. Maine Coons are fascinated by water in almost any way. It is common to see your Maine Coon play with its water bowl.

Although it can be difficult to explain why Maine coon cats like water, some theories and stories could partially explain why Maine raccoons seem to have inherited their fondness for water.

These cats are good mouse hunters and can survive in cold and humid northern climates. They also can swim, which is great for keeping them like boat cats.

Maine Coons are known to have thick, liquid-resistant fur that keeps them warm in freezing temperatures. Both are also dressed for harsh winter winds, thanks to their tails that wrap around their faces and cats’ toes.

Maine Coons and Myths

The Maine Coon cat is one of the most beloved breeds of cats; these cats are many people’s favorites for companionship and are one of the oldest natural breeds in America,

But they are also surrounded by some facts, stories, and myths that you may not know, the most common are:

The stories of its origin

This breed originated when a wild cat was crossed with a raccoon, which is biologically impossible. This myth is reinforced by the appearance of its bushy tail and the most common color of brindle brown (very similar to that of the raccoon).

A gentle giant

Many say that the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat. Although it can reach up to 40 inches in height and weigh about 18 pounds, the truth is that its long and extraordinarily fluffy coat is also what makes it look cute that size of exceptional proportions.

They like water

Maine Coon cats love water; unlike other cat breeds, these do love a great bath. Their waterproof fur allows them to enjoy swimming in the water; they are always ready to swim, hunt, and play to release energy.

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How to Tell if A Maine Coon likes water?

Maine Coons are not like most cats when it comes to water, and they have a true fascination with soaking in a bathtub and enjoying themselves.

Instead of spending so much time of the day grooming themselves, they enjoy playing in the water, and they can even spend a lot of time making big messes with their drinking water bowl.

What To Do If A Maine Coon Cat is Too Obsessed with Water?

Some Maine Coons demonstrate a clear obsession with water and do not miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in any container. Therefore you always have to be vigilant and make sure that it only has contact with fresh water.

In this way, it can avoid having contact with stagnant water or where bacteria proliferate that can affect your cat’s health.

These cats drink a lot of water and feel a need to swim that exceeds other breeds, so there is no question of being alarmed if they want to bathe frequently.

Should I Bathe My Maine Coon?

It is best to bath your maine coon cat once a month to take care of its fur, but due to the love that Maine Coon cats have for water, it is safest to bathe more frequently.

This prevents your maine coon cat from accumulating bacteria or developing skin diseases.

How to Bathe a Maine Coon?

How to Bathe a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon requires special care for its long and thick coat when grooming. Due to its large size, its coat of hair is also large, so it is recommended to brush it every week; this way, it can keep its hair shiny and healthy. At the same time, it can prevent your cat from forming fat accumulations on the coat. It is also very important to protect its ears at bathing time, especially when you want to help it remove fat and matted fur.


More and more people are deciding to have a Maine Coon cat for company, and this breed is unique among all felines. A cat of this breed is affectionate about everything big and heavy; it adapts easily to its environment and fits perfectly into the dynamics of families with children and other pets.