Foster Care Program


21Cats Foster Care Program offer some guides about how to care for the cats that take in the following types of felines:

  • Injured or sickly cats who have special needs and need special care for a limited time period.
  • Cats who need to be quarantined while awaiting disease testing conformation or time to elapse before being able to retest, or during county-dictated quarantine for rabies.
  • Sociable and adoptable cats who would be other-wise euthanized due to space constraints at other shelters.
  • Feral cats who are awaiting placement in a feral cat colony.

Kittens under 12 weeks are usually designated for our Kitten Program. Cats who are extremely feral or are deemed to be ‘unadoptable’ may be designated for one of our Feral Cat Colonies. All other cats, especially those surrendered to us, stay within our Foster Care Program.


Again we are a no-kill adoption agency and we do everything possible to provide our cats with the best life possible, whether that be in a home or in a monitored feral cat colony. We currently only offer some information that  have been previously screened and surrendered to other local rescue groups that we have relationships with. If you need to surrender a pet please contact a local shelter, SPCA or rescue organization that provides direct surrender services to individual pet owners.