How To Stop Cat From Nursing On Dog?

If your cat constantly bites or licks your canine friend, it’s essential to try to determine what’s causing it.

If your favorite canine seems to be struggling, it’s essential to try to remove her from the situation. You could attempt to distract her.

However, she might be prone to nursing whenever she’s in need.

So, how to stop cat from nursing on dog?

When a cat starts lactating, it can seem impossible to break it of this behavior. However, there are a few things you can do to stop your cat from nursing on your dog.

First, if you’re unable to separate the cat from the dog, then you’ll have to try distracting the cat. You can try playing the radio or throwing a ball for the cat to chase.

You can also try offering the cat a special treat, such as cat food. However, if the cat doesn’t respond to these methods, then you’ll have to take them to the vet for a behavior modification plan.

How To Stop Cat From Nursing On Dog?

Control Playtime

Playtime is often when your feline companion nurses on your pooch. It’s natural that your cat would seek to nurse when it feels vulnerable and wants to play.

For this reason, it’s important for you to control the playtime between your dog and cat to ensure they’re not getting too close.

By limiting the playtime between your pets, you’ll ensure that they won’t become too attached during playtime and will likely stop them from wanting to nurse afterwards.

You can also restrict the amount of toys they have access to during play time to limit their interactions with one another and prevent your kitty from trying to nurse on your pooch.

This is why you must teach your dog to be gentle with cats at a young age.

Is there a certain time of day or night that your kitty likes to sleep.

If this is the case, you should keep your pet’s room off limits to your pup at night or when you’re not home.

Of course, after the cat has eaten her dinner, she will likely be hungry again in the hours before bedtime.

This sort of conduct will not endear her to the dog and will not help the situation at all.

For the time being, you’ll want to keep the dog in another part of the house while the feline is eating.

Increase the Feedings

Increasing the feedings will keep the cat busy and away from any attempts to nurse on the dog.

If you feed your pet twice a day, try increasing it to three times a day. This will keep her busy and away from your pooch’s belly.

It will also make her less likely to want to latch on to the dog when she’s feeling hungry again later that night or the next night.

Separate the Pets Before Feedings

If the cat is already in the habit of latching on to the dog before being fed, you’ll need to find a way to stop this from occurring before feeding time begins.

Simply moving the dog to another room when the pet is being fed should do the trick.

Otherwise, you’ll need to find other measures to prevent the kitty from latching on to the dog while she’s eating.

It’s an efficient and easy way to feed your dog and ensure that your cat won’t become a snack in the process.

Make use of a Bitter Apple Spray.

This is the most efficient method to stop a cat from jumping on a dog and eating her food.

A little amount of the bitter apple spray should be placed on a cloth and placed over the dogs nose as she eats.

This will cause the dog or cat to immediately lose interest in eating the food and allow the cat to jump away from the animal altogether.

The Smell of Ammonia (and Vinegar) will also work on the same principle as Bitter Apple Spray.

However, it may be more effective if the animal has already latched onto the food in question and the odor of the ammonia or vinegar will force the animal to spit it out or move away from it entirely.

The cat isn’t going to eat dog food, but the dog will eat cat food if hungry enough and she’ll eat it all day if she could get away with it.

Of course, don’t overdo it with this stuff because it will make the cat very sick or even kill her if you spray her repeatedly with it.

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Final Words

This is how to prevent your kitten from eating your cat’s food and prevent her from stealing her dish of food as well.

Yes, it is not a pleasant sight, but it is a reality of life for pet owners everywhere who allow their cats and dogs to get along together.

Remember that changing the cat’s behavior may take time and patience on your part as well as understanding on the part of the cat.

As long as you are fast, gentle and consistent in your efforts to teach your cat that stealing or eating the food is not okay, then you should be able to succeed.

Allowing this sort of behavior to go on is a recipe for disaster – one that you may never recover from.

The cat will continue to nurse on whatever food you leave for her to eat and before long she will figure out that if she eats your food while you’re not looking, you will eventually forget and leave more for her to eat.

Concentrate on what works, such as feeding her at set times, and not leaving any food out at all except for those meals that you plan ahead of time.

These modifications will keep her from learning this bad behavior.