How To Stop Cat Zoomies

To begin with, you must comprehend that cat training is rather different when compared to dog training.

You cannot apply the exact same tactics. You have to forget everything you know about training a dog and take a seat down and learn your cat.

Understanding exactly what your cat wants is the very first step. You have to understand exactly what drives him. After you have found that out, you can train him to do exactly what you want him to do.

Your cat’s tendency to stray or run away could be because of boredom or it could be because of a need for exercise.

Basically, the cat has a lot of energy that you just can not afford to let cause issues for your household and loved ones members.

So, how do you stop cat zoomies?

Cat zoomies refers to the sudden burst of energy cats exhibit when they suddenly dash around at high speeds. It can be quite entertaining to watch, but it’s a nuisance if you’re trying to keep your cat indoors.

Luckily, there are a few ways to reduce cat zoomies. First, try to feed your cat on a schedule so that they don’t overeat and gain weight.

Second, make sure they have enough space to run around indoors. Finally, make sure they’re getting enough exercise.

Most cats love to play, so invest in some toys to get your cat moving. These steps should help reduce cat zoomies and keep your cat from roaming around your house.

What Are Cat Zoomies?

When your cat ‘zooms’ and frantically runs around your home, he does so because he is bored or has had enough stimulation.

The zoomies then cease nearly as soon your cat is satisfied – this means that if he’s had an adequate amount of exercise or has food to eat, it ceases as soon as those needs are met.

The first thing to do is keep your cat indoors – even if you are just gone away for a very short time during the day, cats can get bored very easily and become over stimulated.

You can also keep a few cat toys around – although your cat might like to play on his own, there are lots of toys out there which are interactive and will help keep his mind off things.

Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies?

Post-Poop Zoomies

Some cats seem to do zoomies when they are excited after they have eaten and are about to poop. If this is the case, don’t panic. It’s simply something your cat does when he feels the need to poop – and he just needs a little encouragement to get the deed done.

If you have the litter tray nearby, quickly scoop some litter into the tray. If you place the box next to your cat’s food dish, your dog will associate the box with food.

Eventually, he may even learn to associate the smell of the box with eating and pooping.

Encourage him to get to the box by using a treat – if he likes his treats, he’ll hop right into the box and start going.

If your cat has the zoomies after pooping, keep an attentive eye out for signs that he’s about to go – if his ears are flatteny or he’s licking his nose, you can just about guarantee that he’s in the mood!

Playtime Zoomies

Some cats get the zoomies because they simply want to play. If this is an issue, there are times and places where your cat can get all he needs without hurting anything or getting away with any more destruction than can be repaired.

If your cat’s zoomies are due to toys, use toys and playtime to help break up the day. Having designated playtime will help get your cat’s energy out and also help him unwind and relax a little from everyday stress.

Even if your cat does not clearly display these symptoms, it may still be a good idea to keep him confined as much as possible.

Some cats discover a good way to do this is by scratching up furniture or items around the house. If you know your cat does this, make sure you’re on the lookout for evidence of damage.

If you spot any damage, find a scratching post and nail clippers and have him trained to use them.

At first, your cat will be confused – and might resist grooming his paws. However, you will quickly notice your cat getting more comfortable with the idea and begin doing it on his own very soon.

Of course, you’ll need to replace the scratching post after about 3 months to a year – if your feline friend is still interested.

Acute Pain

While this is a much less frequent cause of your cat’s zoomies, it’s crucial to note that cats can develop acute pain – usually due to arthritis – and express their distress by running out (or jumping out) of doors.

If your cat cannot climb the stairs – or jumps out a window when she gets scared or excited – she may have developed acute pain in her joints.

Although acute pain is rare and treatment may be difficult, if you notice your cat behaving like this, contact your vet right away.

In some cases, medications or other treatments may help get your cat back to normal.

While it’s normal for cats to be a bit hyper sometimes, if you notice that this behavior is becoming problematic – or if you notice that the behavior seems to last longer than a day or two – you may want to contact your vet.

Excess Energy

The most prevalent cause of excessive energy is boredom – so help your feline friend out and give him some toys to play with, especially ones with catnip.

Also consider changing up his diet – if he is overweight, this could be causing his excess energy as well.

Cats relax and sleep for the most of every day; too much activity could be a sign your kitty needs a break.

Without deliberate exercise and activity, your kitten will need to release some of this energy in other ways. If he doesn’t release it through play, he will choose (often destructive) ways to do it.

While you cannot make your kitty exercise, you can help by giving your kitty an outlet to play.

How To Stop Cat Zoomies?

Increase Their Daily Physical Activity

A cat owner should plan a few activities every day to keep their cat from getting bored or restless.

If the cat does not have enough time to play then he will find a way to catch your attention.

This is when things get out of control and damage starts happening around your home. A bored cat can also get into mischief such as climbing on the cabinets and counter tops in an attempt to reach higher places or jumping on counters or tables even when he knows very well his owner is there watching.

Try to get your cat outside for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day; however, if you are too busy to do this then consider getting a cat tree to place in the house for him to climb on and get some fresh air.

Don’t Feed Your Cat Too Much

This is a typical blunder made by most cat owners; they fail to realize that they can increase their cat’s activity by providing him with something that is natural to them.

You need to understand that although feeding your cat less food will not automatically transform him into a super active cat, adequate exercise and eating good food can surely help you curb his activity.

Your cat’s food contains fewer calories than dogs, so it’s easy to over feed him without even realizing it.

Many cat owners begin overfeeding their cats once their cat starts developing weight problems.

In this case, most cat owners begin feeding their cats with treats or biscuits because they think these biscuits will add more calories to their kitty’s diet.

However, you will find out that this is the exact opposite of the thing you are doing; in fact, you will end up finding your cat eating more treats than you could possibly imagine.

Always remember to give your cat lots of love, attention, and playtime as this will help him relieve the pent-up energy he has inside him.

Your cat will receive enough calories and protein from his regular cat food, so you should never give extra treats to your pet other than special ones like birthday or Christmas ones.

Plan a Morning Activity Session

A cat that is going to receive adequate amounts of activity and exercise will sleep better at night and be much more relaxed during the day.

Early in the morning, when the cat’s owner is up and preparing to work, is the best time to play along with your cat.

You can definitely make this morning session more fun for your cat by letting him chase a moving laser pointer; this will surely keep him busy all day.

Playing with him will also make both of you happy. It is important that when you play with your cat you put out some of your energy too so that you don’t end up looking lazy.

Always keep in mind that cats are naturally energetic animals who can easily get bored if you ignore them for a long time。

Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide him with the necessary amount of activity to keep him healthy and in shape.

This is the time to figure out how much daily activity you want to provide to your pet and then plan accordingly.

In this way, you can reduce his obesity problem without too much trouble.

Cat-Proof the House

It is your obligation to cat-proof your house so that your furry friend does not get hurt while playing around in your living room or kitchen.

You’re not going to have any trouble in making sure that the house is safe and sound for him; all you have to do is remove anything that can be potentially harmful to him like plants, wires, and other household materials.

It will be zooming from one corner of the house to the other if he does find a wire that is left hanging.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make sure that he doesn’t get to these dangerous elements.

An intelligent cat will always find a way to escape whatever room he is locked in if you are busy doing something. It is highly recommended that you keep a close watch on him at all times even when you think he is completely safe inside the house.

Make Use Of A Cat Scratching Post

A scratching post is the solution to the problem of your furniture getting ruined because he loves to sharpen his claws on it; moreover, it will also give him a good stretch when he uses it as a scratching post.

These one-of-a-kind, simple-to-implement tips will definitely help you in maintaining a healthy and fit kitty.

Your cat will discover a fresh outlet for his energy, reduce his chances of getting injured while playing around the home, and if you have plants in your house, he will prevent them from being eaten up.

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Final Words

These pointers will be useful for all pet owners including you who want to make their cats live a healthy and happy life.

Don’t expect that by following these tips you will be able to prevent all the health issues that are plaguing the feline community. However, you can expect to make a significant difference in your pet’s health if you follow them properly.

It is a typical error for people to believe that they are providing their cats with a healthy meal when in fact they are feeding them the wrong food which is high in fats and calories.

Yes, the cat will be exhausted for the whole day after a day of play but it will be well worth the trouble you have gone through to give him enough exercise so that he can lead a healthy life.

You must nip the issue in the bud as soon as it arises. Because if your cat starts to get obese, it will be very difficult to get him back into shape again. After all, it is much more difficult to burn extra fat than it is to lose it in the first place.

This guide’s advice on how you can keep your cat healthy is just the start of your effort in keeping your cat healthy.

However, you will be surprised to know that this guide contains a lot more valuable information on how you can make sure that he is living a long and happy life.

They will make controlling the cat 10 times easier. Because they can easily redirect his energy to something useful like playing with a catnip toy instead of destroying your furniture or eating the plants in the house.