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Taz’s Battle and Win Over FIP

Taz was diagnosed FIP+ (with the wet type) in November of 1996 when Taz was only 6 months of age. His symptoms of disease came on very suddenly. One day I noticed that he had a small limp and was slightly lethargic. The next morning I caught him laying in a corner of stuffed animals.… Read More »

Adopting Abandoned Kittens

So what do you do if you find a litter of cats in your backyard?  Don’t panic!  Read on. First determine if the kittens you have found are truly abandoned. Feral moms not only have to take care of their kittens but also need to find food for them, so make sure that the mother… Read More »

Winterizing Feral Cat Colonies

Winter poses a few special problems for feral cat caretakers to deal with. Increased Precipitation. Before the winter weather arrives you should inspect all shelters and food stations to make sure that they are in good shape to protect the cats from rain, snow, cold temperatures and high winds. To do this, make sure the… Read More »

When to See a Vet

It is one of the most common questions asked by owners: “How can I tell when my cat is ill or when to take my cat to see the veterinarian?”. Cats, just like humans, do have medical problems from time to time but, unlike humans, they can’t simply tell us exactly how they are feeling… Read More »

Weight Loss

Cats are very good at hiding illness, however, weight loss is something even a cat can’t hide. Just like in humans, if a cat doesn’t take in enough calories a day to sustain itself, the body must process fat stores and muscle to make up the difference. Cats’ bodies are not very efficient at processing… Read More »

Warning Signs

Unfortunately our pets can’t ‘tell’ us when they are feeling under the weather and they can’t make doctor’s appointments for themselves. Thus it is up to the owner to notice the warning signs of an illness and take the animal to the vet if necessary. Bear in mind that cats are very good at hiding… Read More »


Vomiting is the involuntary and forceful expulsion of some or all of the stomach contents by reversal of peristalsis, the normal muscular contractions of the stomach. Cats can vomit for a variety reasons. Sometimes your cat will have simply eaten something that disagreed with him, other times vomiting will be a sign of a greater… Read More »

Vestibular Disease

When most of us think of felines we picture extremely coordinated and graceful animals. They have no problem navigating through small openings, walking across narrow platforms or jumping to great heights. In order to perform such acts cats must first take in information about how they are oriented in space and about how they are… Read More »

Vaccine Related Sarcomas

What are vaccines and what do they do? Vaccines are still the best defense cats have against many common and often fatal diseases. When a kitten is born he/she receives what is called passive immunity from the mother. This occurs when kittens first drink their mother’s milk. This first milk, also known as colostrum, contains… Read More »