Kitten Program

Spring and summer are the main cat breeding seasons. It is during this time of year that shelters, humane societies, and non-profit organizations alike find themselves inundated with litters birthed by stray and feral felines. And to compound the issue many cat guardians who do not spay or neuter their cats find that they unexpectedly have a litter on the way! These litters are usually surrendered to shelters and put up for adoption. It is estimated that in a ten year time period a single unspayed female cat, between her litters and the litters of her offspring, can extend the population by over a quarter of a million cats! Thus we have come to the situation we face today–overpopulation of cats. Due to this overpopulation over 15 million
cats are put to sleep each year in shelters and humane societies when no one comes to adopt them.

21Cats Kitten Program takes in abandoned litters of kittens and provides them with foster care until they are 12 weeks old. At which point they are adopted into loving homes! 21Cats makes sure that each kitten gets the best care possible. This includes providing 24 hour foster care, giving appropriate veterinary attention as needed, making sure each kitten is dewormed and checked for other parasites, making sure each kitten is given a full blood panel to check for diseases, making sure each kitten is tested for FIV and FeLV, making sure that each kitten receives all of his/her vaccinations, and getting each kitten spayed or neutered if appropriate. Potential adopters are carefully screened to make sure that each kitten will receive the best possible care to lead a long and full life!