Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

There are different types of cats and species. One of the most popular types of cats is the Maine Coons. These cats are huge and affectionate, and they adore humans and love being in their company.

The cat breed is most popular for its large size that can be up to 40 inches. However, these cats are extremely friendly and loving despite their size. Maine coon paws are very famous even though they had been on the verge of extinction at one time. The Cat Fanciers’ Association included Maine coons in the list of the most popular cats, and these cats ranked at number five when it came to popularity.

Though these cats are popular among homeowners, they can be a bit expensive and range from 400 to 1,500 dollars. It depends on the pedigree and the availability of the cats.

Maine coons are mostly viewed as the biggest domestic cat breed. Its sheer size is one of its highlights and defining physical characteristics. Maine coon is typically eleven to sixteen inches tall, and their height can stretch up to forty inches, making them incredibly tall.

These cats are also sturdily built and weigh eight to eighteen pounds. The cats outside breed are string and have muscular bodies. They have large and wide chests with solid legs.

Main coons also have lots of furs, and that gives them a royal and majestic appearance. Because of their large build and ample fur, they look appear even bigger and wider. Their fur is silky and smooth.

Around the shoulders, the fur grows shorter when compared to its other body parts. Maine coons also come in a range of colors as well as patterns.

Cat lovers will be able to find Maine Coons in solid white and cream colors. They will also find red, blue, as well as black Maine coons. Some of these cats are also a mixture of two or more colors.

Some of the more prominent features of these cats are large and pointed ears with flying hair. They have large, expressive eyes that are oval-shaped and have a long and bushy tail.

Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

Maine Coons are typically big cats, and they also have big paws. These cats have a huge body, and their large body structure and type is the reason behind their large-sized paws. When compared to other cats, the paws of Maine Coons are larger.

Maine Coons are said to originate from the hardy seafaring cats in Maine. Because the region is a coastal environment, it was popular with sailors and maritime families. These families and sailors used Maine cats for various tasks such as catching the food, climbing the well, and catching mice that ate the food onboard. The large paws of the cats made it easy for them to do these tasks easily.

Do all Maine Coons have six toes?

Do all Maine Coons have six toes?

Maine Coon Paws usually have five toes. However, some of the Maine Coons also have six toes. During the breed’s development in earlier times, Maine Coons were mostly polydactyls. The cats were born with an extra appendage or appendages on the paws.

Many experts suggest that around 40 per cent of Maine Coons were born with six toes in earlier times. Even today, there are numerous cats from this breed that have six toes on their paws. This condition is nothing to worry about because it is mostly harmless and quite common.

Why do Maine Coons Have Extra Toes and Big Paws?

As you now know that some Maine Coons have extra toes along with big paws. These cats are blessed with big paws because of their body type and structure. They also have extra toes because of Polydactyl, wherein one is born with extra toes. Polydactyl Maine Coon cats are also born with a few extra toes. This happens basically due to genetic anomaly.

These kinds of Maine Coons are also called ‘double-paws’ because of their double toes’ paws. Polydactyl can also be termed multi-toed. This physical anomaly is commonly found on the East Coast in the Northern part of America.

What Does Polydactyl Mean?

As explained above, Polydactyly is a physical condition where a person or animal is born with extra fingers and toes. There could be one or more than one extra toes and fingers. This condition can happen in both hands as well as feet. This condition is common among Maine Coons. A polydactyl cat has a congenital anomaly that is termed Polydactyly and polydactylism. This is a genetic condition that leads the cat to have more than usual toes on its paws.

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What Do You Do If Your Maine Coon Cat is Polydactyly?

What Do You Do If Your Maine Coon Cat is Polydactyly?

In Maine Coons, Polydactyly is very common and nothing to get scared of. Lots of cat owners’ fear adopting cats that have this physical condition. Most postaxial polydactyl cats will not have any problems or major issues because of their extra toes on the paws. In some cases, preaxial polydactyl cats might require surgical intervention and treatment so that any further medical issues can be avoided. In the Maine Coon cats, the extra toe and toes will be located in their regular toes and the thumb.

With time, the extra toes might also fold over and then they can grow in the foot. During the surgery, the claw that grows on the additional toe will be removed to avoid any pain and risks of infections. Growth of the claws and ties can also lead to bacterial infections, and that should be treated. If there is no such issue, there is no need for any medical treatment.

Final Words

Other than the distinctive and unique physical features of Maine Coons, these cats are also considered super lucky. In ancient times, these cats were considered to bring good luck to the sailors. Polydactyl cats had been a popular sight on the long journeys when traveling by ship. Since these cats have large paws, they can balance on the rocky seas.