Can a Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

Domestic cat breeds are endless, and you will find a perfect cat for your home. Among many such cats, the breed is Maine Coon. Maine Coon breed consists of large and friendly domesticated cats. These cats were on the brink of extinction long ago, but they are now commonly found in households. These cats have a unique and distinctive look as they are larger than regular cats and have valuable hunting skills. These cats are one of the oldest cats in North America. They originated from the Maine region in the United States. These cats are the official state cat in Maine. 

Maine Coon cats are large and friendly, and they are often called “the gentle giant.” It would help if you did not mistake their large appearance with their behavior as they are extremely social creatures with a friendly and adaptable attitude.

Maine Coon is often characterized by a very prominent ruff, wide chest, and robust bone structure. These cats have rectangular body types and come with uneven coats with two layers. They also have long guard hairs and a silky undercoat. The beautifully majestic creatures also have distinctive long and bushy tails. 

Maine Coons are good-natured, and they can be very pleasant. Like other household cats, they also have many shades to their personality and often have distinctive lifestyles. These cats prefer the company of other people and also tend to follow them. Though they like being surrounded by people, they are not needy or clingy. They will love it if their owners shower them with attention, but they will also understand if they do not have time. They will be fine on their own as long as they are loved and valued in a household. Maine coons are very patient and like to stay in their personal space.  

Can a Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

Because of the large frame of the Maine Coons, these cats have large fur and longer hair. Some Maine Coons also have shorter hair, but it can only be possible if the Maine Coon is combined with another breed. When the kitten comes from two different cats, one being the Maine Coon and the other being a different breed, the cat might have shorter hair. There’s no guarantee because mixed Maine Coons can have long hair, short hair, or a mixture of the two. This practice is getting very popular, and it can be pretty interesting to see the potential results. 

Are all Maine Coons Long-haired?

Are all Maine Coons Long-haired?

Maine Coon is a cat that is meant to be large. Because of the shape of their body and their structure, they are bound to have long hair. Maine Coons are huge and can weigh around 16 to 20 pounds on average. Their size seems even bigger because they have a dense fur coat. These cats have a long and soft coat, and it is longest where they have a tail. The color of their fur may vary, but not the size of the hair. They can be of a single color or a mixture of two or more. The first Maine Coon was colored black and white. 

What Does the Maine Coon’s Fur Coat Look Like? 

Maine Coon cats have medium to long hair. This usually depends on their breeding and genetics. Their topcoat is extremely soft and silky. The texture may also vary with the color change. The fur length is generally shorter at the head and gets longer on the shoulders and even longer on the stomach area.

If one plans to get a Maine Coon, they can rest assured that minimal grooming will be required for this particular breed, unlike the other long-haired cat breeds. These cats have a self-maintaining undercoat. Maine coon coat changes as the seasons change. The fur is usually thicker during the winter and thinner in the summertime. 

Why Do Maine Coons Have Such Thick Fur? 

Maine Coons have long and thick coats because they originate from the cold, harsh winters. The thick fur acts as a natural shield to protect them from harsh and cold weather. Maine Coons were developed in Maine that is known for long and harsh winters. The thick fur coat keeps the cats warm throughout the cold. Maine Coons top layer is oily and water-resistant but partially. This helps in melting the snow so that it can slide off the coat. The breeders continued to breed these cats because of their ability to withstand the cold temperatures, and later, their thick fur became one of their most distinctive and unique features. 

Fur Grooming Requirements of Maine Coon 

Some of the fur Grooming Requirements of Maine Coon are as follows- 


Short Hair Maine Coon grooming requires regular bushing of their thick and dense fur. They should be brushed at least two to three times a week to keep the tangles at bay. 

Oral hygiene

Owners of Maine Coons should also maintain their oral hygiene. They should brush their teeth regularly to maintain their dental health. 

Trimming of claws and hair

Maine Coons claws and hair should be trimmed. This must not be overlooked if the Maine coon is an indoor cat.

Can You Shave a Maine Coon?

Can You Shave a Maine Coon?

Maine Coon’s hair should be trimmed to keep them healthy. However, shaving the Maine Coon should be avoided at all costs. Shaving can do more harm than good in some cases. But if you want to go with the shaving, you should do so with good intentions and under the guidance of a professional. Make sure you do not damage the skin of the cat in the process.

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Maine Coon vs. Long-Haired Cat

Maine Coon and long-haired cats are very similar, yet they have a lot of differences. When comparing two cat breeds, many would be surprised to find that Maine Coons are pure breed while the long-haired cats are not pure. Long-haired cats are around 11-12 inches in height, whereas Maine Coons cats are 10-16 inches. Short Hair Maine Coon have a longer life span than long-haired cats. Both the cat breeds are perfect for those who are looking for house cats.

Final Words

As explained above, Maine Coon cats are extremely popular in the US and other countries. These cats have luscious and long hair that gives them a majestic and regal look. Their maintainable is quite easy and manageable. It is easy to find salons and professionals for their regular trims, styling, and grooming.