Should I Elevate My Cat’s Food Bowl?

Your cat’s diet varies between breeds and size.

Ensuring that your feline has access to wholesome meals is essential to her health and safety. Your job is to feed your feline what suits her most to keep her happy and healthy.

So, should I elevate my cat’s food bowl?

Cats eat from elevated bowls for several reasons.

Firstly, eating from higher bowls makes cats feel more independent and less like house cats. Secondly, eating from elevated bowls reduces the risk that cats will throw up their food.

Finally, eating from elevated bowls reduces the risk of water spilling into cats’ food bowls, which makes it easier to clean.

Should I Elevate My Cat’s Food Bowl?

Yes, elevating your animal’s food bowl makes both your animal and life easier.

Elevated cat food bowls ensure that your cat’s meal is easy to digest and prevents you from having to clean up messes inside the bowl on a daily basis.

Some pet food companies look to help lower the risk to your animal with pre-made plastic dishes or feed cups that elevate the food at just the right height.

If your cat has digestive troubles and vomits after eating its meal, then you might want to invest in an elevating feeder for your cat to prevent any future problems.

You should do study your animals diet to determine the right elevation for its feeding station so that it fits their particular needs.

Some attribute it to the location where cats are raised, but it’s a common myth that all domesticated cats are lap dogs.

If the food dish isn’t raised, it encourages your pet to hunch over in an uncomfortable position while they eat which can cause gastric distress and even pain in the neck or spine over time.

What Is the Proper Height for a Cat Feeder?

When lifting the cat feeder, make sure the container is light enough for you to lift easily.

While cats generally don’t need an elevated feeder, there are always exceptions.

Ideally, cats should be fed in an upright position without any strain on their bodies or necks.

Otherwise, the cat would find it difficult to swallow and could develop indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues.

When this occurs every time they eat, it would leave your cat feeling upset and potentially in pain.

This position also makes it easier for the cat to expel its food after ingesting it.

This helps prevent problems such as vomiting and soiling the food bowl.

The Advantages of Raised Cat Food Bowls

Reduces Mess

When it comes to the benefits of raising cat bowls, the two biggest benefits are primarily aesthetic and hygienic.

A raised cat food bowl is designed to get your cat to eat and drink without messing up the food or water.

This reduces nuisances caused by spilled food and water.

Owners of messy eaters will be relieved to learn that they won’t have to clean as often.

It’s also easier to wipe off dried food from elevated cat dishes, which will save the water bill.

Avoids Food Contamination

Another vital, but often underestimated, advantage of raised cat feeders is that they protect your pet from consuming their own feces and food remnants in their bowls.

Even if you have a pristine home free of pet hair and dirt, this can still happen when a cat eats off the floor or table.

The closer your cat’s food and water bowls are to the litter box, the more likely it is that they’ll end up eating their own waste instead of regular food or water.

Promotes Healthy Eating

Elevating your cat’s food and water bowls can also help them maintain proper posture while eating and drinking and prevent muscle strain that can lead to discomfort and pain.

Cats are famously picky animals, and many may refuse to eat from a non-elevated bowl that’s on the ground.

They would rather not stand than to eat in a slouched position or risk spilling their food on the ground.

As a result, many cats will under-eat and suffer from malnourishment or other health problems.

Reduces Vomiting

Vomiting is also more likely in cats that eat their food off the ground or from a bowl that’s on the floor.

This position makes it more likely for pets to gag and vomit their food back up.

The main reason why this happens is that the food sits in a cat’s throat rather than in the stomach where it’s supposed to be.

This is due to the fact that when cats eat or drink from floor-level, they have to bend their neck down and forward to drink and eat, which puts pressure on their esophagus.

Lowers Indigestion

Many cats suffer from dyspepsia, which refers to the pain caused by indigestion.

In humans, indigestion is defined as stomach discomfort due to gas, bloating, cramps, and heartburn.

While cats are unable to explain exactly what is causing them to feel sick, they can point to areas on their body that feel sore.

Enhances Posture

The most apparent benefit of utilizing an elevation for cat food is that it helps promote proper posture while eating and drinking.

Food and drink dishes placed on the floor force a cat to bend its neck and body downward to reach them.

When your cat wants to eat or drink water, it will often have to lean forward and down, which causes it to hunch over and place strain on its joints.

This leads their spine to curve into a C-shape as it bends over, which is detrimental to its overall health.

While this abnormal stance is difficult for them to get out of, it can also cause muscle pain and even arthritis in the long run.

Assists Owners Who Are Elderly

Finally, having raised cat food and water bowls may make it easier for owners who are elderly to add water and food for cats.

When the owner is standing during mealtimes, it’s easier to see whether the cat is drinking and eating without straining and hunching their necks down.

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Elevated cat water and food bowls are a fantastic solution for helping prevent illness, pain, and other health problems in your pet.

They may assist your cat’s posture and make meal times easier for both you and your pet.

Older cats benefit the most since they tend to have weak muscles and joints that need support throughout the day.

Furthermore, the decrease in the number of animals euthanized due to complications related to eating from the ground is significant.

Of course, knowing that your cat will be healthier in the long run is enough of a reason to raise its food and water bowl.