Siberian Cat vs. Maine Coon: What’s the Difference?

All cats are the same for a regular person who is not fond of cats or does not have pets. They all look the same with their fur, whiskers, long nails, heavy stare, and that pout. Some say cats are lazy, as they only lay around the house with their big tummies, but that is not the case. Cats are beautiful, and they have qualities that make them so endearing. 

And so, what is the primary physical difference between a Siberian Cat and a Maine Coon? The first distinguishing quality of a Siberian Cat is their bodies. It has a rectangular figure which is opposed to a Maine Coon – a Maine Coon is large and round. The Siberian Cat is also taller in terms of its hind body. It is their physical feature that enhances a Siberian Cat’s ability to jump. 

There are many other traits and features that distinguish these two breeds from one another. 

Maine Coon vs. Siberian Cat Origins

Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat Origins

Origins of the Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is a Native American cat. It is known to have originated from Maine, USA, and it is also the state’s official cat. These cats are resilient. They have the ability to withstand harsh winter conditions and even survive in the wilds of Maine. When the survival of the fittest is the topic, Maine Coon will rule all the other cats. Honestly, the Maine Coon is a fantastic creature, but no one can truly pinpoint how they came to be found in Maine. There are several theories, which could be folklore, though.

It is already determined that the Maine Coon is a domesticated cat, and there are two possible theories as to how it originated. The first theory says the Maine Coon was a cat cross-bred with a racoon. It may be genetically impossible for this to happen since both animals are from two different species, but it is believed that the name Maine Coon comes from this theory.

The second theory is that a cat was cross-bred with a bobcat. These two animals are of different species too, and are very unlikely to mate. And so, it continues to be an old wives tale.

Another theory is that Maine Coon cats came from Europe together with ships and their sailor owners. Some seafarers have settled in Maine from Europe, bringing their European cats that have mated with native US cats. The Maine Coon are their descendants.

There is also this popular story about Capt. Charles Coon, who is a cat lover. He has so many pets with him on board, and when he settled in Maine, he brought his cats with him. They are also believed to have started the Maine Coon cats breed, which was named after him. This was in the 19th century.

Origins of the Siberian Cat

Like the Maine Coon, the Siberian Cat has no evidence of its exact origin. Little is known about how these cats came to be. What historians are sure is that this cat came from the wild and became domesticated because they cannot live in extremely cold temperatures. The cats sought sanctuary in homes, farms, shops, and the country places where living conditions were better.

In the UK, cat shows were a blast, and as early as the 19th century, there was proof that Siberian cats joining the shows. Immigrants from Russia brought these beautiful creatures to the UK, and they procreated. Their descendants are now what we call the Siberian cats. The US had their first taste of the Siberian Cat by 1990.

What is the difference between a Maine Coon and a Siberian cat?

What is the difference between a Maine Coon and a Siberian cat

  • Size

Maine Coon cats are among the largest breeds of cats in history. A male Maine Coon can get up to 26 pounds or 12 kilos, while a female Maine Coon can be anywhere from eleven to eighteen pounds or five to eight kilos. They are really big cats indeed.

As for the Siberian cats, they are medium-sized. A male Siberian cat usually is about five to eight kilos, while the female is smaller at around three and a half to five and a half kilos.

  • Personality

A cat’s personality is unique, and it cannot be categorized that a certain breed has this specific personality.

  • Appearance

The Maine Coon is a squarish cat. It has a square head and body. The face is long, too, with the muzzle sticking out and with high cheekbones. As for the Siberian cat, it is around the cat. Its face and muzzle are round. The Siberian is also smaller compared to a Maine Coon.

For the eyes, a Siberian cat has round eyes that are far apart. The eyes of the Maine Coon are almost oval in shape and have an oblique set.

Since Siberian is a rounded cat, the ears are also round-shaped and not significant. The Maine Coon have big ears and stays on top of their heads.

Maine Coon cats and Siberian cats both have strong and muscular bodies. But the Maine Coon has a wide chest and a very long tail. The Siberian cat’s tail is not long at all.

Both breeds have semi-long fur, with the Siberian cat having a triple coat while the Maine Coon having a silky upper coat.

Siberian cats are patterned and can have any type of color combination. The most common colors for a Siberian cat include orange, gray, black, blue, and white. Maine Coon, on the other hand, has black, gray, black, and white combinations, blue, blue-gray, brown, and more.

  • Price

Siberian cats are pricier than Maine Coon cats. The former is sold at one thousand to two thousand dollars, while Maine Coon cats, the common ones, are sold at five hundred to one thousand five hundred dollars. Always buy from a reputable cat shop. (Adams, 2021)

  • Grooming

A Maine Coon should get used to grooming – brushing hair daily, a bath once a week, trimming nails, and clipping the hair as needed. With the Siberian, even if it has a long coat, it is easy to maintain. Daily brushing is necessary, especially their undercoat.

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Maine Coon vs. Siberian Character Traits

These were observed with Siberian cats:

  • They are focused and intelligent animals.
  • They can learn to open cabinets and sliding doors.
  • They easily learn to obey commands and play tricks too.
  • They are gentle pets. 
  • They are very sociable animals.

Maine Coon cats are:

  • They are sweet and gentle.
  • They need a place to exercise and scratch.
  • They can be trained.

Maine Coon vs. Siberian Health

The common illnesses of a Siberian cat include hereditary cancer, heart failure, kidney problems, dental issues, and urinary tract concerns. The Maine Coon has health illnesses like hip problems, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and spinal issues.

Final Words

Maine Coon and Siberian cats are both loving, beautiful, and caring pets. Will the breed matter to you? If you want a big cat, strong and determined, you can go for a Maine Coon. If you want a fluffy and huggable cat, regular-sized, then go for Siberian. Siberian is also rare, which makes it more expensive. Maine Coon also has a rare type which is the White Maine Coon. These cats, though need more of your attention.