Silver Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

Today, the Maine coon is an all-American feline with tremendous interests and talents. It has been used in Hollywood productions of many films such as “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” This cat is also used for hunting varmints on farms or ranches throughout North America.

However, it is essential to note that this breed may be prone to hairballs due to its long hair. Therefore, these cats also require plenty of grooming. A brush once in a while can help reduce loose hair, but frequent brushing is usually required for these cats.

These cats come in many colors, such as solid cream, apricot, chocolate, and even blue. They usually have white paws and noses. However, the majority of these cats will be available in silver because of their American lineage.

The breed is also known for its dewclaws (a type of extra limb). These extra limbs were initially used to help the cat climb trees and hunt small animals. While they do not affect the cat’s ability to jump or walk on flat surfaces, they can sometimes cause damage to their legs and paws which can eventually lead to infection and deformation. Therefore, it is essential to remove them when a kitten is born for both the owner’s sake as well as the Kitten’s safety.

Why Do You Get a Silver Maine Coon?

Why Do You Get a Silver Maine Coon?

Many people get a purebred Maine coon cat as a pet, and yet few realize that the breed is, in fact, silver. Many misconceptions around this breed can be explained by how they were initially bred: to hunt down and kill rats and other vermin.  Male kittens inherit both genes from their mothers and will always be the same color as their mother or a “dilute.” Female kittens inherit one gene from each parent and will always mix the two colors or a “dilute” of one of them. Silver fur, by the way, is a diluted form of a black color gene.

Common Variants Of The Silver Color Maine Coon

Coons from Maine come in a variety of hues and patterns. There appears to be a bewildering array of options accessible at times. Several distinct colors of kittens are frequently found in the same litter. Silver, the two primary hues of black and red, created Maine Coon colors like solid silver and smoke. Solid white Maine Coons are the lone exception since the color hides the black or red coat. Solids, tortes, and tabby are the most common silver Maine Coon designs. The faint tabby markings on solid smoke-colored cats are known as “ghost markings.”

Stripes, white chins, and white around the eyes are examples of these marks. It’s worth mentioning that red or cream-colored Maine Coons are more likely to have these marks. The silver coat is the consequence of “dilute genes” from the parents of red and black domesticated cats. Distinct colors, such as silver produce different shades. There can even be differences in solid colors. This comes in a range of colors, from light blue-grey to dark lead-grey.

  • Maine Coons Blue Variant

Maine Coons in this color variety aren’t a royal blue or sky blue, but rather a blue tint with a hint of silver. The eyes of these cats are gold/green, and they usually come in solid colors. The color blue Maine Coons have smoky blue bodies and coats, with blue or blue-toned noses and ears.

  • Maine Coons Blue/Grey Variant

Like the blue variety, these Maine Coon cats are eye-catching. Gray fits in with the blue coat, as the name suggests. The blue or grey cat comes in solid colors, but it can also be mixed and matched with different colors. For example, the blue or grey Maine Coon’s nose and ear tufts are grey or black.

  • Maine Coons Cameo Variant

Cameo is a reddish-brown tint with a hint of silver on the base. The upper half of its body is red, while the center and lower half are gleaming silver. The tail, on the other hand, is a mix of crimson and silver.

  • Maine Coons Black Variant

From head to toe, a black Maine Coon possesses thick black fur. It’s worth mentioning, though, that some cats have a little grayish region on their chest and ear tufts. The undercoat may also be grey in tone, giving it a smoky appearance.

It’s difficult to tell if a cat is black or Smokey until it has some white on its body. In reality, due to the color of their coats, smoky cats might appear black. Therefore, the breeder should establish whether your furry pet is black or Smokey.

How Common Are Silver Maine Coons?

When compared to other cat felines, Silver Maine Coons are one of a kind. Because breeding is challenging, it necessitates the expertise and knowledge of a professional breeder. The coat is different and shinier than that of standard “grey” cats. The silver Maine Coons and the silver cameo tabby have different color combinations. Silver tabby and Smokey silver cats are two other combinations.

How To Care For A Silver Maine Coon?

How To Care For A Silver Maine Coon

Being a Silver Maine Coon’s parent can be a wonderful experience. However, they aren’t always the most straightforward cats to care for, mainly because of their sizes. So let’s take a look at some of the things you should know about caring for Maine Coons.


Some claim it’s impossible to train a cat. That, however, is just not the case. Your Silver Maine Coon, like a dog, has the intelligence to learn tricks. Many Maine Coon owners will regale you with tales of how their feline companions enjoy fetching and other tricks. Positive reinforcement is also incredibly motivating for cats. As a result, don’t punish them for making mistakes. Reward children for doing things correctly with love and compassion, as well as treats.


When compared to other cat breeds, this is where things can get a little trickier with a Silver Maine Coon. It’s not that grooming them is more complex; it’s just that there are more of them to look after. They’re a long-haired breed that will require assistance to maintain the health of their beautiful coats. Untangling all mats and removing extra shedding may necessitate bi-weekly brushing using a slicker brush. Maine Coons, on the other hand, are notorious shedders, so be prepared.

You must also keep track of their claws and keep them clipped. If you don’t know how to clip a cat’s nails, it’s better to leave it to a groomer or doctor. It can be challenging to determine when a cat’s nails have been appropriately clipped. And, because a Maine Coon’s claws are far more significant than those of other breeds, the situation can get even more complicated.


When domestic pets, larger animals are typically more relaxed and laid back than smaller ones. The Maine Coon, on the other hand, is not one of them. The energy and activity levels of these colossal felines are comparable to those of any other breed.

So, when they’re not sleeping, give them at least an hour of playtime each day to ensure they’re getting enough stimulation. However, it will be in the evening that they will have the most vitality. The Maine Coon is no exception to the rule that cats are nocturnal by nature. So prepare to have a herd of elephants rampaging about your house in the middle of the night.


In comparison to a conventional house cat, your Silver Maine Coon does not require a particular diet. However, higher portion size is required. At that age, kids may even be allowed to eat a lot, which means they can eat as much as they like. This is because their bodies require a lot of energy to keep them moving and growing. However, you can offer them a portion of highly nutritious food high in protein and antioxidants.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-free Dry Food is our pick for your Silver Maine Coon. It has a minimum protein content of 42 percent and plenty of antioxidants. Because it is more cost-effective, they prefer the dry food type. There is, however, a wet food selection.

Silver Maine Coon Price

A purebred silver Maine Coon kitten can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 and above. While the price may appear excessive, keep in mind that breeding happy, healthy kittens in the right ways is very expensive. In addition, the cattery must provide for the cat parents and the kittens and all veterinary fees involved with pregnancy. After the kittens are born, remember to spay and neuter them. Then there were all of the jabs, vaccines, and boosters for the entire litter of kittens.

Following that, there are likely to be more buyers than kittens available. A cattery may also participate in the show circuit to promote its kitties. Award-winning and competition-winning activities command a higher price.

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Silver Maine Coon Size

Silver Maine Coon Size

  • Height

30-40 inches in height

  • Weight

9-18 pound weight range

  • Lifespan

9-15 years of life span

  • Colors

White, blue, silver and red are the primary colors.

  • Suitable For the Families

Those are seeking a large housecat, active families with youngsters.

  • Great Mouser’s Temperament

Loyal, loving, and intelligent.

Maine Coons are a wonderful cat breed. It has all of the loving fun of a regular house cat but in a much larger size. And their silver-coated versions are some of the most stunning. Silver Maine Coons have a mystical aura about them. They remind you of how domesticated cats used to be wild animals at first appearance. As they enter a room, their physical body structure and attitude inspire respect as if they were feline royalty.

Where To Find A Silver Maine Coon For Sale?

You can learn more about these unusual pets at Kitten. They provide you with the ideal guide to the Maine Coon species so that you can learn more about them before purchasing one. Kitten is a fantastic place to put your money and time. They show you the highest-quality cats for sale, allowing you to choose from various breeds and receive a fast guide on their health, maintenance, color, grooming, and other topics.

Final Words

The Silver Maine Coon is a magnificent species. Its remarkable beauty and capacity to keep things relatively cool are only equaled by its size and strength. If you decide to adopt a Maine Coon kitten, make sure you have adequate room in your home and your heart. They’re sweet, devoted kittens who deserve nothing but the best from you