What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You?

A cat chooses you if you love it.

It may shed its skin if it has a small blemish, such as a cracked lip, and let out a playful curl. Some cats will lick your palm or face to express their affection.

Once it trusts you, it will always be by your side. So, what does it mean when a cat chooses you?

Cats choose you because they need your affection and care. They feel comforted when you pet them and play with them and leave them alone when you have to go out for a while.

They choose you over other people because they feel safe with you and know that you will protect and care for them. Choose your cat over others by feeding it healthy foods and giving it lots of love.

Let’s dive into it.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You?

Slow blinks are a favorite thing of a cat’s when it wants your attention.

So, if a kitty gives you slow blinks it means that it wants your attention.

When individuals gaze directly into the eyes of the cats, they reported feeling surprised and a bit amused, and they perceived the cats as looking directly into their eyes.

You could see her small black eyes eagerly watching you all the time she was waiting for you to pet her.

When cats are feeling stressed, they close their eyes and scrunch up their faces very tightly.

You’d also know if a kitty is stressed because it will pin its ears back and scrunch up its nose, too.

Cats are often independent, but they obviously need a human’s affection and care sometimes.

When they like something or want you to play with them, they will often rub themselves against your legs to get your attention.

If you observe a cat preferring to gaze at one particular individual, its attention seems to go so far as to center on that individual to the exclusion of others in the room.

Furthermore, if a cat selects a particular individual with whom it interacts, it will keep gazing at that person and may turn up the purring in response to that person.

You should take note of how the cat responds when you stroke or pet it, particularly on the head and ears.

How Do Cats Choose Their Human?

Some cats make their choice based on instinct and will remain devoted to their human for the rest of their lives.

Others may enjoy a sense of security and choose to stay with the same human throughout its life time.

Some of their love might be based on habit and hormones.

Signs Your Cat Likes You

Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

While your cat’s tail may reveal a variety of thoughts and emotions, a wagging tail is generally indicative of happiness.

It’s pretty usual for your cat to follow you around when you are home, but it should come as no surprise if your cat follows you when you leave home, too.

This suggests that your cat feels secure enough with you to be comfortable following you wherever you go and that you probably have a big place in your heart for its company.

If your cat comes to welcome you at the entrance by rubbing against you and jumping up and down, it may be a sign that it misses you when you are away and wants to tell you that it’s glad to see you.

If, on the other hand, your cat refuses to leave your home or is fearful or anxious when you are away, it may mean that its owner needs to spend more time at home with it.

A Tail That Is Straight

The tail of a cat that likes its owner will usually have its tip pointed upwards or to the side, and will usually remain straight when it is relaxed.

The tail-up signal is commonly seen in friendly interactions between cats and their owners, so it may be that your cat is giving you its own version of a smile by displaying its tail.

This is how you know that it truly likes you and feels comfortable around you.

While wild cats do not utilize this signal in courtship or aggression, it is still often observed in domesticated cats.

A swinging or twitching tail might indicate that it is annoyed or agitated though, so if your feline friend appears agitated or nervous every time you come home it is important that you find out why as soon as possible.


Purring is often a sign of contentment; and it’s one that your cat’s owner will notice if a purring cat comes home for a visit.

Of fact, many cats will purr when they are being petted or stroked and for good reason; it simply feels good to a cat to have its fur stroked and it releases.

After witnessing a bird, it will usually swish its tail from side to side, often accompanied by an excited chirp or meowing noise.

Cats may express their rage by hissing at you or your cat, and may show their annoyance by hissing or spitting at you.

What Does It Mean If A Stray Cat Chooses You?

According to certain superstitious beliefs, cats are meant to be protectors of the home and the home itself is supposed to be protected from the cat.

According to popular opinion, cats are not supposed to be friendly towards humans; cats are supposed to scratch and bite humans and even attack them.

As a result, when superstitious people see cats outside, they immediately assume that they are bad luck.

Such superstition lacks scientific backing and does not really provide a basis for a belief.

However, there is a rational basis for the fear that cats can bring bad luck to a household.

Cats, by nature, depend greatly on hunting as a major source of food.

However, if a cat picks you, it is a sign of good fortune and a sign of good luck to come your way for the next few weeks.

Furthermore, stray cats can be a dangerous threat to their populations because of severe infections and diseases that they may be carrying. Therefore , if the stray cat chooses you, it is a sign of good luck that you need to protect yourself and your family from infections and diseases.

For a cat to choose you means that it wants company; and since a stray cat would obviously be alone most of the time, it means that it needs the company of a human to make it feel safe and sound.

It wants company and protection; and by choosing you, it means that it trusts you completely and expects you to take care of it.

How to Get a Cat to Like You

Feeding a cat may work well in gaining its trust if it is a stray cat.

Cats are voracious eaters and will eat more food if it is given at 3-4 separate times during the day instead of just once or twice a day.

And they have a sweet tooth as well; so giving them some milk or sugary treats every now and then will also do wonders in gaining their trust.

So, if you feed her, she may become very fond of you and come to you to be friend with you.

Also, if you want a cat to become your friend, try playing with it.

Cats like playing a lot more than humans and if you are able to amuse them enough, they may just become your companion and love you forever.

They also like people who are gentle with them and talk to them gently; so, if you are gentle and calm while talking to them, they would definitely like you.

Spending such valuable and enjoyable time with them will also make you popular with the cat’s family and friends.

Finally, learn about what cats need and look out for them.

Some cats are attached and very close to their owners; and like every human they also need love, care, affection and attention.

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If a cat picks you, that means that you are unique and special in their eyes and they chose you out of everybody.

The more you know about how cats think, the more likely it will come to know you and love you back.

In addition, knowing about their behavior and personality will make it easier for owners to take care of their cats well and know how to feed them properly and know when something is wrong with them.

So by learning what a cat wants and what they need, you are able to earn their trust and impress them; and in the process you earn the unconditional love of a cat and the love of its family and friends.