Where Should You Put Your Cat’s Water Bowl?

Let’s face it eating is one of a cats favorite things to do. Cats actually need very little when it comes to their bowls.

Where Should You Put Your Cat’s Water Bowl?

However, the things that a cat does need are very important.

Food and water bowls must be kept clean at all times.

Make sure water is always fresh, available and cool.

Try to use glass, ceramic, or steel bowls.

Contrary to popular belief many cats dislike the taste of plastic and are much happier to not eat out of plastic bowls.

Be careful about using steel or ceramic bowls as both can harbor bacteria if not cleaned out properly with hot water and detergent.

Just like you, your cat likes his/her meals in peace.

Therefore, keep food and water bowls in a low-traffic, quiet area.

Although many owners like to keep all the cat ‘stuff’ together, DO NOT keep food/water bowls near your cat’s litterbox.

Cats have different motivations for eating and defecating and they do not like to have the two mixed. Besides would you want your dining room table next to the toilet!

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Cats whose food or water bowls are too close to litterboxes have the tendency to have problems with improper elimination (since they don’t want to go near their food they go somewhere else – like your couch) or don’t eat.