Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep?

You might notice that your purring cat always appears to be sleeping easily. Cats may sleep in a variety of locations, including strange ones. Even when a cat is sleeping, it retains its cuteness.

There are just two conceivable explanations for animal behavior: it is either inherited or acquired. So, why do cats sleep with their faces hidden?

Most cats keep their faces hidden while they sleep so as to keep their bodies and noses warm. In order to curl into a ball, cats wrap their paws or tails around their faces. The spherical form of the cat help the animal retain the most heat, so that it can sleep peacefully.

The reasons why cats sleep with their faces covered are explained in this article. Meanwhile, this article explains why cats conceal their faces with their paws or tails when sleeping, and you may learn more about why cats sleep with their paws covering their eyes.

Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep?

Cats are prey and predators, and they’re predisposed to seek out safe resting spots. Even though your cat prefers to snuggle up in a ray of sunshine on the floor, she does the only thing it can to keep itself safe, which is to hide its face.

Cats sleep with their faces covered for the following reasons:

  • Sleeping posture that is comfortable

Cats sleep in a variety of postures that are most comfortable for them; each cat has their own preferences.

Some cats sleep with their faces hidden behind their legs or tails because it is more comfortable for them.

  • Safety & Security

Although cats are predatory animals that pursue mice, birds, and other small rodents, they are also prey to many larger animals in the wild. As a result, this conduct is motivated by a need for security and safety.

One of your cat’s most susceptible body parts is its face. As a result, covering their face can provide them with a sense of security, allowing them to sleep peacefully and deeply.

  • Warmth

One of the reasons cats sleep with their faces hidden is to keep their nose warm.

It aids in the retention of heat, and they may curl into a ball to retain even more heat.

  • Blocks Out the Sunlight

Most cats spend their days sleeping and are most active at dusk and dawn. 

The cat might cover its face if it falls asleep under direct sunlight in your house. 

Another reason cats cover their faces is to shield their eyes from the sun’s rays.

  • Grooming Position

Cats groom themselves for at least five hours per day. Cats, on the other hand, are high-energy creatures who are always leaping, jumping, and rushing around.

A cat may fall asleep while grooming itself, which is why their paw may be covering their face.

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Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Face Down?

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Face Down?

Another related behavior is cats lying on their backs. They appear to be covering their eyes, but instead of raising their paws up to cover their eyes, they tilt their entire face towards the paws.

There’s a good likelihood that three things are going on here.

  • Their Eyes are Shielded
  • Relax by keeping their faces warm.
  • If they’re sleeping outside, keep the heat on.
  • Block Light Out

How do cats sleep?

The indoor cat enjoys sleeping. Cats are known to slumber for 15 hours a day on average, with some able to sleep for up to 20 hours.

Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning that they are most active between the hours of dark and morning.

Cats sleep in brief naps during the day, periodically awoken by sounds and odors in their sleeping region, thanks to their exceptional senses of hearing and smell.

Should I be Worried About This Behavior?

No, it is typical for your cat to sleep with covering or hiding its face. This can also help your pet get enough rest and be comfortable.

Attempting to adjust your cat’s sleeping position will simply frustrate them and cause them additional worry.

Why Do Cats Use Their Paw or Tail to Hide Their Face?

Cats shield their faces with their paws or tails because it is a simple method. A cat’s flexibility allows it to stretch effortlessly. The cat can rest by covering his or her face with a leg or tail. It also gives them a sense of security.

As a result, cats shield their faces with their paws and tails.

Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places?

Cats may sleep in a variety of intriguing spots throughout the house. On their owner’s bed is one of the most unusual locations cats pick as a sleeping space.

Cats, on the whole, like to be in the safest and most comfortable environment they can locate.

What Places Do Cats Love to Sleep?

There are some of the most typical sleeping spots for cats::

  • Your bed or Their bed
  • Warm spots 
  • Under a blanket 
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Your lap
  • High perches


Cats sleep in a variety of postures, which is quite natural. Cats prefer to sleep more during the day in order to conserve energy for when they are up at night.

They can feel protected, comfortable, or warm by covering their faces. They might also be attempting to block out noise or light in order to have a better night’s sleep.

So if your cat exhibits this behavior, you should not worry. You should not attempt to pull your cat’s paw away from its face when it is sleeping, as it doesn’t harm to your cat.