Why do Maine Coons cry?

Sometimes you can run into a frustrating scenario at home where your Maine coon cat cries without any reason. Unless you can speak the cat’s language, it is almost impossible to know why your Maine Coon is crying for some specific reasons. However, by taking into some signs consideration, you will try to understand why your kitten is lamenting.

Maine coons are one of the most mysterious kittens you can have in the house. They are sentimental and sometimes incomprehensible. But, like a good lover of cat kittens, you may be interested in knowing what a cat’s meowing means. You can also find out how to stop your Maine coon from crying if you don’t want to hear this sound.

Do Maine Coons Get Depressed?

Do Maine Coons Get Depressed?

If you have a Maine coon cat as a pet, you should remember that these kittens tend to get depressed for many reasons. The kittens of this breed are very sentimental, which causes them to cry when you at least expect it. Maine coons express their suffering with the meow, which for many caregivers can be stressful.

Maybe your kitten never knew its mother, and this depresses it, or, on the contrary, the cat kitten was taken away from its mother. These thoughts make the kitten depressed, releasing that meow you usually hear.

On the other hand, Maine coons can get depressed because you don’t pay attention to them, knowing they are very loving cats. You have to give your kitten affection at least once a day to prevent it from getting sad. These kittens get depressed very easily, and from the way you see it, they cry about almost anything.

Why Is Your Maine Coon crying?

If you have any doubts as to why your Maine Coon cries, you can analyze the following causes:

  • Hungry

The size of the Maine Coons identifies them as one of the most voracious kittens you can have as a pet. These kittens may cry from hunger in case you don’t feed them well. On the other hand, Maine Coons are also not usually satiated easily, so it is normal to be hungry.

  • Get Your Attention

The main reason your Maine Coon may cry is to get your attention for affection. Maybe you spent all day away from home and your Maine Coon extra those hugs or just seeing you. The kittens of this breed will always be thirsty for affection, so you have to be aware of it.

  • Feel Lonely

The most normal thing a Maine coon can cry about is loneliness in your house or when you take it for a walk. These kitties will always want to be on top of you, looking for affection, understanding, and a delicious massage.

  • Physically Hurt

If your Maine coon cat is used to leaving the house every night, he is prone to injuring himself in a fight. When you see that your kitten cries, you should consider that it could indicate that it is physically injured. It is good that you take your cat, check its head, paws, and other parts of its body to identify the injury.

  • They are afraid of something

You can hear a Maine Coon crying when it is afraid of something, be it a dog or a rude sound. This meow is elusive because the Maine Coon is prepared to attack that thing that could hurt it.

  • They are communicating with other cats

The last reason your Maine Coon cries is that he is communicating with other cats. These meows can be red flags for the other kitten to refrain from doing anything.

  • They are happy

Your Maine Coon will not only cry out of sadness, but he may cry out of happiness in case he doesn’t see much. You should not forget that these kittens are very sentimental so that they can cry about almost anything.

  • Feel uncomfortable

If you take your Maine Coon on a trip in his box, he may be crying out of discomfort. Your kitty may be feeling dizzy, too tight, or signaling to you that she lacks food in her travel box.

  • They are in heat

You should not forget that your Maine Coon has physical needs, and the reason for her meowing maybe because she is in heat. You have to let your Maine Coon express itself until these days of fever wear off.

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What Does It Mean When a Maine Coon Cat Meows?

What Does It Mean When a Maine Coon Cat Meows?

If you hear a Maine coon meowing, it may be trying to communicate with you. These meows can be one-syllable like “wouw” or “mouw” to signal for your attention. Typically, your maine coon cat will meow this way once a day, or even if it’s getting a lot of love.

You may also hear excessive meows in your Maine Coon that could mean “danger.” These meows are very annoying, and it is not normal for your kitten to express them unless he is really in danger.

How to Stop your Maine Coon from Crying

Now that you understand Maine Coons meows, you may be wondering how to stop them. You can do the following to prevent your kitty from making these sounds:

  • Your Maine coon may be crying for food, so you should indulge him and fill his plate. If you want to prevent your kitten from making these sounds for food again, you can buy an automatic dispenser.
  • In case your Maine coon cries for your attention, you have to hold him and give him a big hug. By expressing love, your cat will calm down by preventing it from continuing to meow for love.
  • On the other hand, if your Maine coon cries out of pain, it may be good if you receive it and try to calm it down. If the injury is very serious, the best thing you can do is take your kitten to a vet.

Final Words

Maine Coons are very sentimental kittens that can cry about almost anything throughout the day. No matter how much love you give your Maine Coon, he may cry out of depression or even because he is hungry. You have to try to be understanding and try to please your pet when he is meowing.

If you cannot calm these meows in your Maine Coon, do not forget that you have the veterinarian’s support. One of these pet specialists can point you to the real cause of your cat crying uncontrollably. You have to learn to cope with your kitten that has a big heart as he is huge.

As time goes by, you will understand perfectly every sound your kitten makes, even the meows. It is only a matter of adapting to your cat so that you can have a full life by his side. Do not forget that Maine Coons need a lot of love, and this could be the main reason they do not stop meowing.