Why Does Kitten Poop Smell Like Death?

Since they’re so small, kittens require a lot of care.

They’re also curious and playful. When they’re between 3 and 6 months old, their sense of smell is at its peak.

Hence, they’re prone to causing a mess in their litter box. So, why does kitten poop smell like death?

Kitten poop smells awful. It’s extremely pungent and unpleasant, almost like sulfuric acid or nail polish remover.

It also smells bad because it contains ammonia, which gives it that rotten egg smell. However, the foul smell isn’t cat food’s fault.

Kittens produce ammonia in their urine as a defense mechanism against predators or from stress. After eating their food, the ammonia combines with the proteins in their intestines and turns poop green.

This green color is usually mistaken for mold, but it’s simply the ammonia changing the poop’s color. The smell of ammonia comes from two compounds called trimethylamine oxide and methyl mercaptan.

Trimethylamine oxide smells like rotten eggs, and methyl mercaptan smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. Kitten poop contains both compounds.

Why Kitten Poop Smells Like Death?

Kitten feces smells like death due to various reasons, such as a lack of kitty litter deodorizer, worried about gastrointestinal health, and poor food choices. Let’s see what are the most common causes of foul-smelling kitten poop.

Cleaning the litter box thoroughly is extremely important to prevent odors. The cat box needs to be cleaned at least 2 to 3 times a day in order to prevent bacteria growth.

Once the cat litter starts to get smelly, you need to change it immediately to prevent flies from landing on it and causing more problems.

When kitten feces is left to fester in the litter box for too long, it can lead to skin infections and other illnesses in cats.

For this reason, it is suggested to clean the litter box twice a day because leaving it untouched for more than a day may lead to severe health problems for your little buddy.

How to Manage Kitten Poop That Smells Like Death

Place the Litter Box in a Low-traffic Area.

When it comes to dealing with cat litter, you have two options: put it in the bathroom or keep it in the kitchen. However, this box stays in a very low-traffic area, away from the kitchen and the dining area.

Use Kitty Litter Deodorizer or essential oils. If you adopt a cat litter deodorizer or essential oils and apply them to the box, you’ll effectively lower the unpleasant smell and make your cat more comfortable.

If your cat is having digestive problems, your vet may prescribe medication that will help with the problem and reduce the smell of her stool as well.

Install an Air Freshener in the Bedroom

This is an excellent solution for those who can’t change the location of the litter box for long periods of time.

You can simply invest in an air freshener and place it in the bedroom in order to mask the odor. This is fairly easy to do and will successfully lessen the impact of the smell of the litter box.

Add more litter boxes, if you have more than one cat. Of course, if you have more than one cat in your home, you’ll see your litter box change its appearance more often than when you do have one cat.

It is not only necessary to install an air freshening system or change the kitty litter, but you’ll also have to change the litter box more often.

If you have multiple cats, you’re looking at cleaning it 3 to 4 times a day to prevent bacteria from growing, as well as increasing the amount of litter in the box.

Always Wash the Litter Box after Changing it

Many owners think that changing the litter box is enough to eliminate the smell of the litter.

Increase Your Water Intake

It’s natural to believe that your cat ‘s stinky stool will smell like rotten eggs.

In rare cases, a cat may not eliminate its waste as often as it should and this can lead to a buildup of waste inside the bowels.

As a consequence, you should keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.

This is an extremely important step because dehydration can result in constipation which is associated with many unpleasant health issues for your beloved pet.

Alter the Kitten’s Diet

Kittens will get a fresh diet at a certain age so their digestive system will start working better and their stool will also smell better.

In general, it may come down to what the kitten eats. For instance, a kitten that gets a diet consisting of chicken, milk, vegetables, and rice will produce less feces that smells like death than a kitten that has meat, milk, and rice for dinner.

Kittens also need fiber in their diet in order to maintain good digestive health.

By feeding your kitty a high protein diet, you’ll encourage it to produce large amounts of feces that will eventually smell bad as well.

Your first objective should be to limit the quantity your cat eliminates on a daily basis.

Make use of a Cat Litter Deodorizer

To begin, use a high-quality deodoriser containing essential oils to mask the smell in your kitty’s box and keep it smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Cat litter deodorizer is relatively cheap and can be bought in nearly any pet store or supermarket.

This implies that investing in a decent deodoriser will be an excellent investment in the long run because it will keep your home clean and the cat healthy and happy.

Make sure to get the proper one, though.

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Final Words

This is why it is important to pay attention to your pet’s behavior and do all you can to keep it happy and healthy.

You must begin making immediate changes towards keeping your home as clean as possible and prevent your cat from eliminating its waste inside your home or on your furniture.

You will have less problems with a kitten’s pooping routine than an adult cat.

However, if you follow these steps and still find problems with your kitty pooping inside your house, consult a veterinarian.

It is not going to cost you much and it will definitely solve your problems.

As you investigate why kitten excrement smells so bad, make sure you look at all possibilities and try to change one thing at a time.

These are long-term improvements that will need time to see results but trust me when I say that they’ll pay off in the long run.