Why Does Your Cat Squeak When You Pick Him Up?

Your cat’s squeaking could send shivers down your nerves if you’re not ready for it.

It’s impolite and rude to unintentionally startle a cat.

There are, however, ways to make sure your cat isn’t scared when you pick them up, other than turning them into a cat-whisperer.

Most often, a squeaking cat is a result of them being scared .

When you lift them up, they might feel threatened or anxious, and their instinct is to meow at the unknown.

However, not all cats will meow, and if they do sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are scared.

Cats have many ways to express their emotions, and meowing is just one of them.

Cats might meow when they get nervous, when they are excited, when they are happy, or when they are traveling outside.

Other sounds they could make include purring, hissing, and mewing.

Meowing is mostly associated with cats, but they are by no means the only animal that meows.

Kittens meow, too, and on top of that, other small animals like birds and rodents make other noises, as well.

Why Does Your Cat Squeak When You Pick Him Up?

When you pick up your cat, it may squeak because it is upset.

Cats like to feel that they have control, and when they are picked up abruptly, they may think that they have no control over their own movements.

However, you can address this by using techniques such as rolling onto its back and putting it down gently but firmly, so that your cat feels in control.

If you pick up your cat based on its behavior, the cat may squeal because it thinks its unpredictably being picked up.

If it’s unsatisfactory or poorly held: Your cat screeches when you pick it up because of fear.

Most of the time, when picking up your cat, you do it to pet it, play with it, or give it some food.

Sometimes, however, you may have to pick it up and use it to clear up a little problem, such as a litter spill.

If that happens, research shows that your cat might cry at you as a sign of fear. Never pick up your cat by its neck or tail.

Such punishment can lead to long-term fear and anxiety.

I’ll go through each problem and explain how it can be addressed, why it should be addressed, and how to care for your cat once he/she recovers.

The voices of a new cat are being developed.

Some baby cats, often known simply as kittens, are very quiet during the first months of their lives.

However, in some cases, they are born with a hoarse cry, or a sound that is similar to a barking noise.

This is probably because their vocal cords are still developing, and they have not fully developed yet.

It usually takes another three months or so for the kittens to reach the point when they are completely quiet.

When this occurs, they may also meow, growl, and scream.

Being mistakenly picked up

Some cat owners may respond to their cat’s squeaking by picking them up.

However, this is what should be avoided at all times. Picking up the cat can inadvertently hurt the cat.

The cat may exhibit behaviors such as rubbing against the owner, meowing, or biting. Picking the cat up too early might result to injuries to the kitten’s face.

When this occurs, the kitty uses this feedback to make the owner aware of the situation and whether she needs to be picked up.

Cats tend to squeak if they aren’t being picked up, and if they are being picked up without their owners knowing.

And the feedback might come from a cat that loves his owner and wants to be picked up.

If the cat is uncomfortable, he may make a series of clicking sounds to let the owner know.

Picked up in a bad mood

If your cat dislikes being picked -up (or being picked up), it could mean several things, but the most likely causes are: Frustration or anxiety.

Your cat might not have learned the proper commands, and might associate running or being picked up with unpleasant things.

If your cat is old or upset, he may screech or hiss as a way of releasing tension.

Your cat may not like you touching him, and being picked up might feel like an attack on his territory.

It might be a one-time occurrence when the cat is picked up after being left out for a while, or it could happen every time you pick him up.

In some cases, this is what cats do when they’re anxious.

For example, if your cat is scared of the vacuum cleaner, the screech or growl may be his way of expressing his fear or frustration.

On the other hand, if your cat’s being picked up due to a health issue, he may not be in a mood to be picked up.

It’s important to rule out an illness or injury as a reason your cat is screaming or growling.

How can you prevent your cat from squeaking when you pick it up?

Being picked up incorrectly

If your cat is squeaking because it has been injured or is in pain, it should be treated.

A veterinarian will provide treatment, which may include medication, immobilization, or surgery.

If you’re lifting a kitten, it should be held in a cradle position.

If you’re picking up an older cat, you should lift the hindquarters and then shift the weight to the upper half.

As the cat is picked up by the tail, it should then be maneuvered sideways so the neck is raised up.

One hand and part of your arms should each be placed under one of your cat’s front legs, while the other should be supporting the rear legs. The cat should not be held up like a trophy, but rather close to your body.

Also, keep the cat close to your body so it does not become anxious or scared, which can cause it to squeak.

Your body will provide the cat with a level of comfort when being lifted.

Its vocals are still being developed.

Whether the cat is still young and developing its voice, the best bet is just to be patient and give it time.

With time, the cat might even learn to purr at the sight of a human.

This, however, may not affect its responsiveness to its name, which is a good indication that it knows when you’re about to pick it up and needs to get out of the way.

But, perhaps, it will get more vocal and less hissing.

Being unhappy to be picked up

If your cat refuses to be picked up, you might be tempted to punish it. But that might make it hate you even more. Punishing your cat will only make it fear you.

Obviously, leaving it is the preferred method because you will feel at ease knowing that your cat won’t get hurt in the meantime.

Your cat may have other deeply rooted habits that you will have to start breaking. For example, your cat may not like to be picked up in the morning.

If you pick up your cat, it may try to hide underneath the bed.

This may cause you trouble because some cats prefer to relax in one place instead of moving from one spot to another.

If your new cat is fond of hiding in an old spot, you will have to force it to come out.

If you are persistent about teaching your cat to like being picked up, cats are naturally inclined to follow your commands and be happy, and your cat will get used to being picked up.

This will need some cat time, though, so try to arrange it when you are both relaxed.

Pick your cat up and gently stroke its sides. Brush its fur gently.

Pay attention to your cat’s reaction and how it accepts this. If your cat begins to get excited, you can put it in your arms.

Keep it there for a few minutes. If your cat recoils in fear, you should stop and try again later.

You can hold your cat in your arms until it feels completely comfortable.

Why is Your cat making a squeaking noise like a toy?

You could be scratching your head, too.

Could it be that your cat’s food dish is dirty? If your cat’s squeaking sound is coming from the underside of its belly, it may just be a case of dirty dish.

If you notice that your cat’s toy appears dirty, it’s time to clean it.

However, it’s possible that it’s because it’s sick or injured. However, if this is the case, you’ll need to take it to a vet.

And, if it is, it will soon grow out of that meowing stage. However, if your cat continues to squeak, then you should pay attention to it.

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Why should you let a cat sniff you before you pick it up?

Allowing a cat to smell you before taking it home can determine whether or not it wants to stay with you or not.

If you walk in to pick them up, it can be a case of “unexpected hostility” and that could end very poorly.

If you’ve had the cat out all afternoon and they smell you, they may be more willing to let you take hold of them.

One of the reasons some cats despise humans is because they view them as predators.

However, once you establish a connection with the cat, it will want to follow you around and be one of your best friends.


When we decide to keep a pet, particularly a cat, we need to pay attention to any warning indications the animal gives out.

They speak a language of their own, and it’s this language that they use to communicate with humans.

Each and every one of their attempts to connect with us must be given our full attention.

The last thing I want to say before I end is that we need to take responsibility for being part of the cat world. Our globe may be larger than theirs, but their troubles are too severe for us to bear.

They have their own language that they base everything around, and they don’t speak English.

Judging from their behavior, you could say that they feel depressed and rejected. Think of their cries as a cry for attention, as a sign that we are doing something wrong.

We must pay close attention so that we can prevent their coming generations from facing similar atrocities.

Finally, I’ll sum up my remarks by stating this: What I’ve learned is that it’s awful to neglect a cat’s needs.

There are several factors to consider, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we look after these cats and keep them properly.

Our globe may be larger than theirs, but their troubles are too severe for us to bear.