Why does your Maine Coon smell?

Maine Coons are not exempt from unpleasant odors, and this is something you should be aware of. Although these huge furry cats are beautiful, they may occasionally have a bad smell. These odors can be caused by different behaviors that you will gradually discover in your pet.

It is time for you to learn how to stop the odor from affecting your Maine Coon so that you can motivate yourself to hug him. On the other hand, you can also determine if your cat’s bad sweat may be natural due to disease. Finally, you can understand how bad your Maine Coon will smell even though you bathe him every day.

Why does your Maine Coon smell?

Your Maine Coon cat can smell badly for different reasons that can be classified by:

  • Bad hygiene

If you are not used to bathing your cat every week, it will transmit a bad smell in the house. To avoid these bad smells, you should try to clean your pussycat, both in its fur and mouth. If you bathe your cat from a very young age, he will likely get used to it as an adult.

  • Take the scent from your area box

It may be that the smell your cat has is taken from its box from an area that you have not cleaned properly. You not only have to remove the litter with excrement, but you also have to clean the container from time to time. You must get your cat used to smelling good to keep it at home without causing you to be repulsed.

  • You have dental problems

Maine Coons are also prone to dental problems such as gingivitis or food retention. If your pet had a good fish feast, this smell might linger in his mouth, causing you to crave. You should clean your kitten’s teeth every so often to avoid these bad smells.

  • You have kidney problems

Your pet may have a picture of kidney problems that you should eradicate so that it does not die. For a simple infection, the life of your Maine Coon may be at risk, so you must control it. You have to get your pet to the vet for effective treatment.

How to Stop Your Maine Coon Smell?

How to Stop Your Maine Coon Smell

For you to stop the unpleasant odor in your Maine Coon you must comply with the following:

  • Try to take him to the vet frequently

The first thing you have to do to stop your Maine Coon cat’s odor is to take him to the vet. This smell may be due to a health problem and not a physical one, as you have suspected for some time. The vet will do a checkup on your pet to confirm that his health is good.

  • Wash it every week

You have to promote daily hygiene with your Maine Coon to prevent it from emitting bad odors. These large-coated cats tend to absorb all the odors around them, which could be repulsive to their owners. You have to apply shampoo and other good-smelling items to make your pet look presentable.

  • Get rid of excess hair

So that you can have the best results in the bathroom that you apply to your Maine Coon, it would be good to get rid of the excess hair. Before bathing your Maine Coon you can brush it to remove those lumps of hair shed. With this pre-cleaning, you can clean your pet’s body to perfection, making it smell better.

  • Clean its teeth

If you just gave your kitten a nice bowl of sardines or other food with strong smells, you may need to clean its teeth. This process is a bit delicate because it leads to you restraining your pet and, little by little, cleaning it. You can also use mouthwashes with a very mild mint intensity.

Can a Maine Coon cat have smelly sweat?

Can a Maine Coon cat have smelly sweat?

One of the problems that Maine Coons have about hygiene is that they often have a bad sweat. This is caused because cats’ fur is very thick, eliminating the moisture generated from their bodies. This problem is very common, and you can only avoid it by bathing your cat.

You will have to rub the water on your pet’s body so that bad sweat is eliminated. The longer you last without bathing your cat, the greater the retention of moisture, and failing that, the greater the unpleasant odor.

Do the Maine Coons fart?

Maine Coons fart like other animals, so you will have to get used to it. However, it is not normal for these farts to smell unbearable unless you control your eating. If you keep your Maine Coon on kibble, his flatulence may not be so unpleasant.

Taking your pet to the vet is good if you feel his farts have gotten out of control. Maine Coons are not usually that consistent in the flatulence that comes out of their body, but this is part of them.

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Do Maine Coon cats smell bad?

In general, a Maine Coon cat smells good because they are very hygienic pets that bathe every day. However, you need to help them in this bath because cats will not smell delicious with their tongues alone. You should be aware of this kitten’s fur that usually absorbs almost any smell near them.

Maine Coons have several distinctive scents that define a kitten so that you won’t notice a big difference. These kittens are very clean to walk around, so you won’t see them rubbing themselves in the dirt.

Last words

As a Maine Coon keeper, you will wonder how bad your pet can smell if you are unaware of it. This breed of cat is very clean even though its coat is not sufficient for hygiene. Maine Coons are cats that could suffer from various health problems that affect their smell, and you should control them.

It is good for you to take your cat to a vet if you feel his unpleasant odors have gotten out of control. These kittens may have dental, kidney, or poor hygiene problems that you can wash away.

A Maine Coon also has problems with the sweat it retains on its body due to its thick hair. You only have to get used to bathing your dog once a week or, if possible,  you can bath him every day. The health and hygiene of your Maine Coon are essential.