Are Glade Plug Ins Safe For Cats?

The safety of your glade plugs.

Since they’re made of chemical-based ingredients, they can be used to deodorizer many of your cat’s poor-smelling smells. Some owners even use glade plugs to make gentle air fresheners.

However, there are a few facts you should be aware of if you choose to use these products. So, are glade plug ins safe for cats?

The short answer is no. One of the ingredients in glade plug-ins is propylene glycol, which is classified as unsafe for cats by the EPA and the FDA.

For this reason, the makers of Glade Plug Ins recommend that you don’t use your glade plugs with your cat around.

If you must plug in your glade plug-ins near your cat’s litter box area, make sure you keep the room very well ventilated and use high quality air fresheners.

Are Glade Plug Ins Safe For Cats?

Pets should not smell any odor.

Is the plug in the outlet and turned on switch on for 60 seconds. Then unplug and turn on again for another 30 seconds.

When spraying is no longer needed, every spring you should change the batteries. The plug is usually enclosed in a plastic case, and the batteries are inside that case.

If you use them, you should position them away from the reach of your pet.

Are plug-in air fresheners safe for cats?

Avoid placing air fresheners near your cat’s litter box and try to keep the room well ventilated.

Plug-in air fresheners are especially hazardous to cats because their very sensitive sense of smell is heightened by the artificial fragrances that plug-in air fresheners contain.

Which Plug Ins Are Safe for Cats?

The Febreze Plugin Air Freshener For Cats uses an odor eliminating formula that is not harmful to cats.

This product helps to eliminate odors instead of just covering them up like most other air fresheners.

This product is ideal for pet owners with litter boxes, pet bedding, and pets in general.

Is Glade Air Freshener Safe for Cats?

Glade air fresheners come in a variety of smells, some of which may be dangerous to your cat especially if he or she happens to be allergic or sensitive to these smells.

It is also safe to spray the Glade product in an area where your cat is sleeping or resting.

Do Cats Like Air Freshener?

Essential oils, which are included in many plug-ins air freshening products, can be harmful to your cat.

If you absolutely must have essential oils in your plug-in freshener, you may want to look for one that uses distilled water instead of tap water.

Are Air Fresheners Bad for Pets?

Although experts aren’t sure how dangerous air fresheners are for our cats, it is thought that many of the chemicals in these products can be toxic to cats if they happen to be allergic or sensitive to these chemicals.

The fumes and vapors that go into the environment when plug-in air fresheners are used may also be toxic to your cat.

Experts recommend that you try to stay away from plug-in air fresheners as much as possible and use the ones with natural ingredients or essential oils instead.

Is Lavender Air Freshener Safe for Cats?

Many essential oils, including lavender oil, are harmful or poisonous to our cats.

These compounds may be absorbed quickly via the skin or indirectly via inhalation and can cause vomiting, diarrhea or even kidney failure in a cat.

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The makers of glade plug-ins have been recommending that owners avoid using their plug-ins anywhere near their cats since the year 2000.

There have been several reported cases of cats getting sick from using the plug-in products.

Oftentimes, the cats get very dehydrated and die.

Make sure your cat stays safe and away from your plug-in products by keeping them out of your cat’s reach and keeping them locked up where they can’t fall or get into trouble.

In conclusion , glade plug ins are not safe for cats.