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21cats is a cat blog that is to help cats lead longer, happier, and healthier lives though unique web, community and rescue programs. If you feel strongly about helping felines too, please contact us today.

Information AT 21Cats: Visit our Cat Blog – a collection of the best Guides and Tips for everything A-Z for cats.

Feral Cat Co-op

The 21Cats Feral Cat Co-op is devoted to helping feral cats in need. To do this we offer a lot of guides to help people care for little ones. Cats and kittens who are social or are considered adoptable are placed in foster homes or adopted out, while truly feral cats are relocated to a feral cat colony were they remain under the lifelong care of volunteers.  Find out More!

Health and Care InfoCenter

A little education goes a long way in keeping your cat healthy. Simple things like knowing when your cat really needs to see a vet or how to take care of a common behavioral issue will help keep you and your cat happy for years to come. Search through information on over 100 different feline problems and issues, ranging from fleas to FIP.  Find out More!

Ask Cat Lover Community

Have a question you can’t find the answer to on our site or have a kitty emergency? Have a few general questions that don’t warrant a vet visit or forgot to ask a few questions while you were at the vet’s ? Use contact us to submit a question to a feline professional 24/7!  Find out More!

Foster Care Program

21Cats provides a lot of information about foster care for sick and injured cats who need monitoring and rehabilitation and feral cats who are waiting to be placed in a feral cat colony. 21Cats can offer you some facts about other local shelters and agencies to help out where needed. Click here to see our list of adoptable cats and kittens. Find out More!