Why Does My Cat Rub Her Gums On Me?

Why Does My Cat Rub Her Gums On Me

Your cat’s behavior can be confusing, and she likely has her own reasons for rubbing her gums on you. She may be chewing on her gum to remove plaque from her teeth. Alternatively, she could be scratching her gums to relieve irritation. Regardless of her reason, you can encourage her to stop this behavior. Why … Read more

Can Cats Eat Hash Browns?

Can Cats Eat Hash Browns

Although it may seem strange, cats can eat hash browns. They’re a good snack for as long as they avoid being consumed in large quantities. However, it’s essential to understand what kind of hash browns your cat is craving. So, can cats eat hash browns? Yes! Cats can eat hash browns. Hash browns are good … Read more

Can Cats Eat Shellfish?

Can Cats Eat Shellfish

Cats are excellent pets. However, they’re also prone to some health hazards. If your favorite furry friend has an overactive digestive system, he may suffer from digestive problems. Shellfish are a common source of difficulty for cats. Some seafood such as mussels and oysters are off-limits to cats due to their harmful chemical content. So, … Read more

Why Is Cat Drooling But Acting Normal?

Why Is Cat Drooling But Acting Normal

Cat Drooling can be distressing to pet owners. Sometimes, a creature’s behavior seems inconsistent with its condition. Some cats behave playfully while others become more irritable. Whatever their reaction is, you can communicate with your cat to try resolve it. So, why is cat drooling but acting normal? Cat drooling can be normal if your … Read more

Can Cats Die From Stress?

Can Cats Die From Stress

Cats have Delicate Systems. Their brains and bodies are constantly working, and they can be incredibly stressed. When they are stressed, their breathing may become erratic, and they may begin to tantrum. If your cat seems stressed, consult a veterinarian. So, can cats die from stress? A cat’s stress can be deadly. Stress can cause … Read more

My Cat Has Come Home With No Claws!

My Cat Has Come Home With No Claws

Your cat’s health is a top priority. If he’s notorious for biting his claws, it’s essential to address this behavior. If he’s refusing his paw, it’s essential to understand the cause of this behavior. So, why does your cat have come home with no claws? Cats usually bite their claws when stressed or anxious. Some … Read more

Do Cats Remember Abuse?

do cats remember abuse

Cats are natural predators of puppies. If a previously abused cat ever comes your household, it will likely be aggressive. It may try frightening its young family members, thinking it may become vulnerable if left alone. It may become aggressive when it experiences separation from its owner. You should be prepared to cope with any … Read more