Maine Coon Trill: Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

Maine Coon cats are boisterous and express their needs with trills and chirps. They never meow. Chirping and trilling are an indication of joy and arousal. Maine Coons are not noisy cats; they constantly chirp if they’re hungry, thirsty, distressed, or require care! A Maine Coon will not be vocal with laryngeal paralysis. You could … Read more

How to Schedule Maine Coon Feeding?

Maine Coon cats are magnificent pets. It’s not just because of their size but also their regal appearance; they deserve to be admired. Maine Coon kitten eats a lot, so don’t worry, you are not the only one searching “My Maine Coon is always hungry, what to do?” or “How much do Maine Coons eat.” … Read more