Black Maine Coon Cat: All Facts About This Wonderful Cat

The Black Maine Coon is known to be originally from North America. (Yes, this beauty is an American cat!) It is one of the most ancient cat breeds that are still existing to this day. The breed is called the Black Maine Coon cat because it is native to Maine and it is the state’s official cat. The Maine Coon is often tamed, large, has a furry coat, super adorable, and when given the chance, is great in hunting.

This beautiful furry pet has a distinctive feature, but most experts say that the Black Maine Coon is a cousin of the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian domesticated cat. There is no clear story though of how the Black Maine Coon came to be as such, but in the 19th century, it was a popular cat for the elites. Cosey, the first documented Maine Coon cat worn the first North American Cat Show in 1985 which was held in New York.

Are Black Maine Coon Cats Rare?

The Black Silver Maine Coon cat is rare, according to some researches. But the coat’s color of this gorgeous baby is not acceptable, as declared by Cat Fanciers Association or CFA. They do not want to breed their cats with this coat color. If the International Cat Association is concerned, well, they do identify Black Silver to be one of Black Maine Coon cat’s official coat color.

As for the solid Black Maine Coon, it is considered a special and rare coat color. This makes the solid Black Maine Coon quite expensive in comparison to others.

How To Identify A Black Maine Coon Cat

How To Identify A Black Maine Coon Cat

The specialist who has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine says that there are ways to identify a Black Maine Coon cat – identify it by physical features and by other nonphysical evidences. You can always go to a veterinary clinic and ask about a DNA test for your cat if it is indeed a Black Maine coon.

Physical Features

  • The Maine Coon will display a long and furry coat. The coat will not be dense, but it will be a lot of hair. The ears of a Maine Coon, as well as its paws and its tails are also covered in clumps of fur. The front part of the Maine Coon cat’s back (nape/neck part going towards the tail) will be shorter and then, going longer. The same feature is evident also on the cat’s sides.
  • This cat is quite large, as well, compared to other felines. In fact, it is the largest cat breed of all. The Maine Coon, a male one, can go up to twenty-five pounds. A female Maine Coon can weigh as much as fifteen pounds. As for its height, a male Maine Coon can go as tall as sixteen inches, while a female one can go as tall as fourteen inches. The Maine Coon is about forty inches long. Of course, if a Maine Coon is over fed or under fed, the weight and height may vary.
  • The general physique of a Maine Coon is proportional – body to legs. Their body is strong and muscular. Their fur is very fine, but it is a lot of hair. It can be a bit “oily” too due to their protective measures for the winter cold. Their tail is very fluffy, which is also a way to keep their bodies’ warm while at rest.
  • A Maine Coon cat’s tail is so long that it can reach or almost reach the cat’s shoulder. If this is your cat, then, it is a Maine Coon for sure. The ears are also tapered with clumps of hair inside. This cat has oblique eyes, and not round. It should be greenish or golden.
  • This cat grows up to 24 months, but may appear full blown at about nine months.

Types Of Black Maine Coon Cats

Types Of Black Maine Coon Cats

Some researches show that there are 75 Maine Coon cat coat colors. As for types of Black Maine Coon cats, Austwick distinguished it as:

  1. Solid Black – It is a plain black Maine Coon without any other color.
  2. Bi-color – This is a Maine Coon with two colors, usually black and gray. There are times when a black Maine Coon has a white or silver “Tuxedo” coat, as if the cat is wearing a Tuxedo.
  3. Black Smoke – It has a black main color, but in two tones of black which looks smoky.
  4. Black Tabby – This is the most common Black Maine cat color with combinations of brown.
  5. Black Tortie – It is a cat with black and tortoise-like coat color.

How Much Do Black Maine Coon Kittens Cost?

It is a very expensive cat. A Black Maine Coon can cost anywhere from eight hundred to two thousand dollars. This is a pure breed, Black Maine Coon kitten. Not the grown one. This is just a kitten. But of course, there are many factors affecting the price. These purebred felines are found in catteries in Texas, New York, Florida, Hawaii and more. It is not always available which makes the price go up, as well. Also, bloodlines make the cats more costly. It is about reputation and “family” for the breeders that make up the price of these felines. From breeding, to maintenance, to cat shows, and all the expenses attributed to that, Black Maine Coon cat prices are extraordinary.

How Big Do Black Maine Coon Cats Get?

They can go as tall as sixteen inches, for a male Black Maine Coon cat. A female can go as tall as fourteen inches. Their bodies can be as long as 40 inches.

But the biggest documented Maine Coon (not black, though) is Stewie. He was 48.5 inches long back in 2020 and a gray Tabby.

Health Issues of Black Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats have hereditary health issues like kidney problems, hip dysplasia, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Before buying a Maine Coon kitten, you have to ask the origins of the kitten first to know if there are health issues in their bloodline.

How to Care For A Black Maine Coon

  1. Feeding – The food should be of high quality filled with Taurine. Ask your vet of the best possible cat food type and brand for your Maine Coon. Oh yes, you need to go to your vet regularly if you have a Maine Coon. Feed your cat twice at a regular schedule. And of course, water should be abundant. A Maine Coon needs to be fully hydrated. Give her treats, too.
  2. Grooming – Brush the fur every day with a stainless steel comb, especially the tummy and tail. Have the nails trimmed regularly by using a special nail trimmer for cats. Brush the teeth as well, without toothpaste. Use a cat tooth cleaner. A bath, once in a while, is necessary.
  3. Comfort – Maine Coon cats want to play with toys and to be comforted all the time. Hold it, touch it, hug it, and give it love and care. There should also be a scratching post for your Maine Coon to exercise their claws.

Are Black Maine Coons Good For Your Family?

It is not just about Black Maine Coons; cats can be a very nice addition to you family. These pets can bring joy to your family. Caring for a kitten or a cat can enhance a child’s self-esteem. It can also help the kids develop a sense of responsibility, sharing skills, and cooperation with others.

Final Words

Owning a cat is a big responsibility. It is like a parent with a child – the caring will never end. So, if you get one, make sure that you are ready for the parent-child type of relationship. Plus the cost of maintaining a Black Maine Coon is steep. You have to make sure that you are equipped on this matter. A Black Maine Coon can bring you so much happiness, and that is if you also give it love.