Do Pregnant Cats Like To Be Held

Do Pregnant Cats Like To Be Held?

During your pregnancy, your main priority will be keeping your baby healthy. Fortunately, your feline friend is here as well. Some women experience a type of sexual tension known as lactation synchronization. During lactation synchronization, your feline companion becomes excited when you’re about to breastfeed. She will then attempt to lap up some of your … Read more

Does Lemon Scent Bother Cats?

Does Lemon Scent Bother Cats

Some cats hate citrus scents. If your cat seems irritated by a lemon-scented spray, this may be why. However, this isn’t a cause for concern. Natural lemon scent can both repel and authenticate the fragrance of your best-smelling candles. So, does lemon scent bother cats? Cats can be picky, especially about scents. Cats can smell … Read more

Do Used Tea Bags Keep Cats Away?

Do Used Tea Bags Keep Cats Away

Used tea bags can be used to repel cats from your household. They can also freshen your scent and help protect your skin and coat. Some tea bags have hidden features that attract cats, such as fragrant ingredients. So, do used tea bags keep cats away? Tea bags sometimes keep cats away, but tea bags … Read more

Will Jeyes Fluid Deter Cats?

Will Jeyes Fluid Deter Cats?

These cans are beneficial for cats who ingest harmful chemical deposits in their bellies. They eliminate these deposits by naturally releasing the chemicals from the gel. Some cats will actually bite the can’s open top to get the harmless fluid out. So, will jeyes fluid deter cats? Yes and no. For the most part, cats … Read more

Do Cats Eat Guinea Pigs?

Do Cats Eat Guinea Pigs?

Cats love to pounce on small animals, such as Guinea pigs. Although they may be aggressive at times, your guinea pig isn’t defenseless. If your cat tries to eat your guinea pig, it’s essential to know what he’ll do. So, do cats eat guinea pigs? Many people wonder whether cats eat guinea pigs. Although cats … Read more

Can Cats Get Drunk?

Can Cats Get Drunk?

Cats can drink as much as 6 pints of liquid a day. They’re natural drinkers and can easily drink up whatever’s in their cups. When cats get intoxicated, they behaves differently. Some will merely stumble around a bit, while others may become aggressive. So, can cats get drunk? Yes, cats can get drunk. However, it’s … Read more

How To Teach A Cat To Clean Himself?

How To Teach A Cat To Clean Himself

To teach a cat how to keep himself clean, it’s essential to understand his behavioral challenges. Most cats are quick to learn. If he’s already clean, you can teach him a single behavior. Over time, he’ll begin to get the hang of cleaning process on his own. So, how to teach a cat to clean … Read more

When To Put A Cat To Sleep With Hyperthyroidism?

When To Put A Cat To Sleep With Hyperthyroidism

If your cat is exhibiting signs of hyperthyroidism, it’s essential to diagnose the problem. This is commonly caused by an overactive thyroid gland. If left untreated, your feline could experience a number of life-threatening health issues. So, when to put a cat to sleep with hyperthyroidism? Cats with hyperthyroidism often show symptoms that are extremely … Read more