White Maine Coon Cat: Everything About this Breed

The White Maine Coon is called as such because of its “white” coat. The fur is not really white. It is the absence of coat color that makes the fur white. If you can compare it, a White Maine Coon can be like the “albino” of Maine Coon cats since it is white, but it is not albinism. This is a genetic issue – a gene called the W gene is responsible for this masked color.

If a Maine Coon is white, then one of their parents is also a White Maine Coon. Other than masking the color of the fur, White Maine Coons also have other health issues. 

Generally, a Maine Coon has these characteristics: 

  • It can go as tall as sixteen inches, but a regular Maine Coon can have a height of anywhere between ten to sixteen inches. Some Maine Coons are heavy since they are large cats. It can weigh up to eighteen pounds. Some are about eight pounds. 
  • The Maine Coon’s life span can stretch up to thirteen years when cared for properly. Some Maine Coon’s last until they are ten years old and expire due to old age. 
  • It is a brilliant animal, and Maine Coon’s are highly friendly and sweet. They love to be around people. It is very playful and active.
  • The coat is long and furry with a lot of hair.
  • Maine Coon’s colors include white, black, gray, brown, orange, beige, and a combination of colors.

Are White Maine Coon Cats Rare?

A typical color for the Maine Coon is the brown tabby. So any color other than that can be called unique. White, a full white without any shed of color in a Maine Coon, is pretty rare, and as breeders say, it is difficult to breed. If you want to acquire a White Maine Coon, contact a reputable breeder, and if possible, be recognized by institutions too. They can provide what you are looking for. 

Can Maine Coon Cats Really Be White?

Can Maine Coon Cats Really Be White?

The word is MAJESTIC. A White Maine Coon is beautiful, and people literally stop to take a good look at it. The color (or lack of it due to its genetic disposition) makes it popular but rare. There is only five percent in the entire cat population with pure white color. Some are white with some color mixed to them. Not many can be a White Maine Coon since this cat breed is not easy to propagate. Also, a Maine Coon can only be white if specific DNA masks the color and makes it white.

Are White Maine Coons Deaf?

Not all White Maine Coons are deaf. Some have partial deafness. Others are permanently deaf and hard of hearing. This is due to their genes; their DNA. While Maine Coons are known to be loving, friendly, and very sweet felines, some of which can even “talk back” to their owners, White Maine Coons will not be able to “socialize” in that way. They have a congenital deafness issue and contain melanocytes in their bodies which causes deafness.

Here are ways to determine if your White Maine Coon is deaf, according to some study:

  • They will not look back when you call them from behind.
  • They will not have that perfect balance and will sometimes fall, which is irregular for a cat.

You can bring your White Maine Coon cat to a vet for further check-up and know of details on caring for them.

What Colors are the Eyes of White Maine Coon?

White Maine Coon cats have a distinct eye color that is not the same as the regular Maine Coon cats. They may either have blue eyes, which is unique because Maine Coon cats have orange eyes. Cat shows also favor those Maine Coon cats with golden or green eyes. But with White Maine Coon cats, they have it blue or two-toned. They may have two blue eyes or one blue eye, while the other is green or orange. 

Health Issues Of A White Main Coon

Maine Coon cats, in general, have several health issues. They can suffer from obesity since Maine Coon cats are large. These cats can also suffer from dental issues, hip problems, PKD or kidney diseases, stomach illnesses, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

A White Maine Coon is congenitally deaf. It can be deafness on both ears. The White Maine Coon can also have partial deafness with one ear suffering the illness. Have this checked by a veterinarian. 

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How to Care For A White Maine Coon Cat

How to Care For A White Maine Coon Cat

  1. It will be costly, but your White Maine Coon cat needs healthy nourishment, which means food rich in protein. You can also feed it kibble. 
  2. The cat has to be well hydrated. You must train it to drink water now and then. You must also provide a steady supply where the White Maine Coon can quickly drink from it. 
  3. You must also teach your White Maine Coon as to where it will “relieve” itself. Some cat owners have two litter boxes within the home for the cat to go to for that purpose. 
  4. A Maine Coon needs to do exercises too, for it can be at risk of obesity. Bring it for a jog, walk, or climb on a tree. Maine Coon cats are great hunters and climbers.
  5. Play with your cat every single day. They love physical touch.
  6. They should have a scratching post at home.
  7. You have to brush their hair daily with a stainless steel comb. It is necessary to brush their teeth without toothpaste, trim their nails with a special trimmer, and clean their ears too.
  8. Please bring it to the vet once in a while for a check-up.
  9. Please give it a water bath when necessary.
  10. Trim the coat during summer.

Personality Of A White Maine Coon

A Maine Coon cat is friendly, loving, and fun to be with since it is playful. They are gentle and good-natured. These cats love kids and want to play with people.

White Maine Coon Price

A White Maine Coon cat from a reputable breeder or animal shop sells at $1500 to $2200 US dollars. If you are thinking of buying a White Maine Coon cat – ask first of its bloodline, if it is a pure breed, and where it was bred.

Where To Buy A White Maine Coon Cat

Where To Buy A White Maine Coon Cat

Search for reputable cat breeders in your area. They can provide a White Maine Coon cat for you.

Final Words

A White Maine Coon cat will require your utmost attention. First off, it is a deaf cat. It will not be able to hear you all the time. It is also a special cat that needs protein-rich foods, which will be heavy on your budget. But a White Maine Coon cat can be a loving addition to your family. It can bring your joy and happiness each day. Just love it and care for it. You will also feel its affection.