Do Maine Coons Like to Go On Walks?

I’m sure you know that Maine Coons are very intelligent. They’re also very loving and loyal. They need stimulation to stay healthy and happy! This is why it’s important to take them on walks. You may be thinking, “What? It’s winter!” Yes, but your cat will still love the walk if you bring a harness … Read more

Maine Coon Spraying: Causes and Prevention

If you own a Maine Coon, chances are you’ve experienced the stress of Maine coon spraying. The good thing is that there are many methods you can use to prevent Maine coon cat urine marking and keep your home odor-free. Maine Coons start spraying when they reach sexual maturity between eight and ten months old. … Read more

How To Keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart

From kittenhood through adulthood, you must record your Maine Coon’s length, height, and weight in order to preserve a Maine Coon growth chart (around three to five years of age). To ensure that your cat grows at a regular and healthy rate, you should record your data once a month in a spreadsheet or notepad. … Read more

Why Is Your Maine Coon So Skinny?

She is skinny, but her energy level is great. She loves to jump up on the furniture and race around the living room. However, she has started to get wobbly when she plays, which you don’t like. You have had her checked by several veterinarians, but they all said that it was normal for a … Read more