Are Maine Coons Lazy or Energetic?

Do Maine Coons really have a lazy personality? Yes, Maine Coons are known for being lazy, but for good reason – they conserve their energy to be active at night. Maine Coons spend up to 18 hours each day asleep, and during the day, they will only be active if there is some food around or someone playing with them.

Are Maine Coons Lazy or Active?

Maine coons are known for their large body and fluffy tail, but Maine coon cats are not really lazy. Maine Coons can be quite active when they want to be. Maine coons might sleep up to 18 hours a day, but this does not mean that you cannot play with them during the rest of the time.

Every Maine Coon owner knows how to help Maine Coon cats to unleash their energy. Maine coons are not really lazy, but they might be too tired after playing with you for an hour or so. Maine coons can play all day long if they have someone who spends time with them every single day.

Why Do People Think Maine Coon Cats are Lazy?

Why Do People Think Maine Coon Cats are Lazy?

Because Maine coon cats spend a large amount of their time sleeping, many people think they are lazy. The Maine coons are most active when they wake up. 

If you want your Maine coon cat to be active and playful all day long, consider giving him lots of different toys to play with.

Are Maine Coon cats low energy?

Despite their high energy consumption, Maine Coon cats may need a heavier diet than other cats due to their high energy consumption.

Are Maine Coons high energy?

This cat breed is also well-known for its high level of energy. Maine Coons are excellent climbers that like being in the air. If these cats don’t have enough room to run, leap, and climb, they’ll get bored and miserable.

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How energetic are Maine Coon cats?

Maine coons don’t require any specific exercise and will follow the same routine as other cats, sleeping for lengthy periods of time and leaping and racing around the home. Cat toys and cat trees can assist them in releasing some of their pent-up energy. It is easy to teach these super-intelligent cats.

Is it Fair to Call Maine Coons Lazy?

Maine coon cats aren’t lazy. They need to conserve the energy so they can be active when they are most likely needed, like in times of danger or when hunting for food. 

However, Maine coons are kept indoors, so they are lazy because they don’t need to be active. But it is not fair to call them lazy as this behavior comes from their instincts rather than laziness. 

If you allow your Maine coon to go outside

If you allow your Maine to go outside, it will be a perfect opportunity for them to get some exercise. You can also choose whether they should use a harness or not when going out on walks, which is recommended to avoid your feline being scared and running away.

Hunting is a good activity that your Maine coon likes to do when they are outside, so you can imagine how much energy it drains. That is why lazy cats sleep for 18 hours per day.

Males vs. Female Maine Coons: Which Is Lazier?

There are some opinions about the laziness of Maine Coons, and it seems like everyone has their thoughts. Some people say that female Maine coons are lazy, while others claim males tend to be lazy because they think about themselves too much!

However, there is no such thing as a lazy cat breed – every single one will have some energy.

What types of Exercises Do Your Maine Coons Take Every day?

There are different types of exercises your Maine coon cat keeps that depend on your presence. Playing with cat toys, walking outside, and playing all types of games – these types of activities are good for your Maine Coon.

There is also a particular type of exercise that they do not like: the ‘cat treadmill’! This one has been invented as something fun to make cats healthier.

The Benefit of Playing With Your Maine Coons Every day

Playing with your Maine coon cat every day can benefit so much! Here are just some of the good benefits your maine coon cat will get if you spend time playing with your maine coon cat every day.

  • It can provide mental stimulation for your Maine Coon Cat, which many cats need to stay happy and healthy. 
  • Playing helps them burn off energy that might otherwise be expressed in unwanted behaviors like chewing furniture or scratching upholstery.
  • It can control its weight, and it can help felines with obesity.
  • It helps them bond and become more attached to you. 

Are Maine Coons very active?

Maine coons are playful and active but not active all day long. They are active only when they need this kind of activity, for example hunting or playing.

Many people ask whether Maine coons play a lot, and the answer is definitely – yes! You will be surprised how active these cats can actually get if you want to play with them.

Why Do Maine Coons Sleep A lot?

Maine coons sleep about sixteen hours each day, especially in the daytime. In general, cats sleep a lot because they usually have very active lives during the night.

In general, most domestic cats sleep a lot because their lifestyles are typically quite active at night time.

What is the Average Lifespan of the Maine Coon cats?

The average lifespan of Maine coons is seven to twelve years. This can vary depending on the quality of care they receive, their living conditions, and other factors that contribute to their overall health, such as genetics or disease.

Maine coon lifespan may also be affected by whether a Maine coon is indoors only (which tends to lead them having higher risks for diseases).


The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that, as the name suggests, originated in America. They are known for their large size and distinctive physical features, including long-haired coats with colors ranging from white to black or dark brown.

As this post has already discussed at length, there is no one definition for lazy–and we don’t think it’s fair to label Maine Coons as lazy either. If they seem lazier than usual, it may be due to lack of space or stimulation–not because they are inherently more inactive than other cats.