Polydactyl Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

Polydactyl Maine Coon

Polydactyl Maine Coon Origins The Maine Coon’s ancestors are shrouded in mystery; only speculative myths and legends exist. It’s been said that one of the stories revolves around the execution of Queen Marie Antoinette of France in 1793. According to legend, Antoinette attempted to flee France before her death by enlisting the help of Captain … Read more

Silver Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

Silver Maine Coon

Today, the Maine coon is an all-American feline with tremendous interests and talents. It has been used in Hollywood productions of many films such as “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” This cat is also used for hunting varmints on farms or ranches throughout North America. However, it is essential to note that this breed may be prone … Read more

Do Maine Coons Shed A Lot?

Do Maine Coons Shed A Lot?

Maine Coon cats are stunning creatures recognized for being incredibly loving, affectionate, and kind. A Maine Coon is the ideal family cat, which is why this breed is so popular and well-liked by cat owners. But what about grooming and all that go with it? Do Maine Coon cats have a lot of shedding? This … Read more

Do Maine Coon Cats Meow A Lot?

Do Maine Coon Cats Meow A Lot?

Maine Coons are a loud breed of cat. They chirp and trill to attract the attention of their owners, but they rarely meow. Maine Coon sounds are used by these very intelligent felines to communicate their requirements. A Maine Coon, on the other hand, will meow excessively if it is trained to do so or … Read more

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me?

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Attack Me?

Your cat may lick and bite you as a form of grooming you, expressing affection, or inviting you to play. Cats enjoy playing with their owners and find it to be an excellent way to bond. When a cat’s sensitive body area is mistakenly or persistently handled, overstimulation occurs. Your cat may lick you and … Read more