Do Maine Coons and Bengals Get Along?

Many people ask the question: Do Maine Coons and Bengals get along? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats. It’s important to introduce them correctly, as there are many variables such as their age and how well they were handled when kittens. There can be Maine coon Bengal mix cats, so it’s best to follow the introduction plan mentioned below for the best chance of compatibility between these two breeds.

Do Maine Coons and Bengals Get Along?

Maine coons and Bengals have been often compared as there are some similarities.

In fact, Maine coons and Bengals can get along if introduced properly to one another. 

There is a lot of research that shows it’s possible for these two breeds to live together in harmony, but yet they may not be 100% compatible with each other.

Personalities: Maine Coons VS Bengals

Personalities Maine Coons VS Bengals

The Maine coons and Bengals have very different personalities. 

Maine coons are more laid back and enjoy being around people, Maine coon cats can be a little shy at times, but it’s not often. Of course, they still need their space as ALL cats do! The Maine coon cat breed is known to love water.

Maine Coons

The personality of Maine coons is very outgoing and playful. 

They love to be the center of attention, Maine coons are great with other pets (especially dogs), and they enjoy being around people all day long. They like playing games such as fetch, for example! The Maine coon breed is known to meow less often than other cat breeds do.

They are a very social breed of cat, and Maine coons are always ready for playtime.


The Bengals are known to be very intelligent. Bengals, on the other hand, can also be described as smart, and they like playing games such as fetch, but yet Maine coons play more often than Bengals do.

And the personality of Bengal Cats is also very playful. It is common for Maine coon Bengal mix to be in the wild.

One last point is also appropriate with the Maine Coons, and Bengals are very active cats!

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How to Help Maine Coons and Bengals Get Along?

The best way to get Maine coons and Bengal cats along is to take your time. If you try this with older cats, you will almost certainly fail. When two cats are introduced together, there is a formal process.

Prepare Separate Areas

They need to become familiar with each other’s smell by exchanging items of bedding.

After a couple of weeks, the cats may be placed in separate rooms for short periods together on neutral ground. They should have their own litter trays and feeding areas but also some shared facilities such as scratching posts or toys that can be played with together.

Spoil them

You can now start to interact with them together.

This is the most important part of getting Maine coons and Bengals along; The first few days should be spent spending as much time with each cat as possible. Maintain interaction with them and make them happy.

Swap them around

Bengals and Maine coons should be switched. Each cat should be taken in the safe zone of the other without seeing each other. They will begin to investigate the fragrances and grow acquainted with them here. Only leave them in each other’s territory for a brief period before returning them to their own safe zones.

Introduce Them First

The first time they are left together without any supervision, make sure there is access to escape routes.

The Maine coon Bengal mix will be very cautious and may hiss at each other, but hopefully, this behavior will die out quickly as the cats start to see that their new friend means them no harm.

Let them see each other

When Maine coons and Bengals have been together for a few days, you can allow them to see each other.

You Maine coon Bengal mix will be curious if the new cat who has entered their lives, so there is no need to worry about any physical fights breaking out even though some hissing may still occur.

Let them Play More time

Once Maine coons and Bengals have been in each other’s presence, they should be able to see that there is nothing to fear from the other.

They can play together and should be able to eat together.

The Maine coon Bengal mix will now start getting along very well! They may still display some aggression, but this is usually short-lived. If there is any problem, you can separate them for a few days before bringing them back together again.

It takes time for Maine coons and Bengals to get along, but with some work, it can be done!

Can the Maine Coons do well with other cats?

One of the many advantages of the Maine Coon cat breed is its mild, docile, and friendly demeanor. Furthermore, because they naturally love the company of other animals, their laid-back attitude and very gregarious personality make them excellent for living with other cats.

Is a Bengal cat bigger than a Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon Bengal Mix may weigh anything from 8 to 15 pounds. They are not as large as the Maine Coon, but they have a robust and athletic frame. The Maine Coon and Bengal are both medium-sized breeds. Because the Bengal and Maine Coon are both bigger cats, their kittens will have a larger physique than a typical cat.

Can Bengals get along with other cats?

Domesticated cats that have been properly socialized and taught offer no increased harm to other animals. Socializing Bengals from an early age with other cats and small animals is essential for reducing their inherent hunting urges.

What cat breed gets along with Maine Coon mixes?

The Maine Coon and Ragdoll Mix cat may be a terrific addition to your home whether you are a pure cat lover or a dog and cat lover. The Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix is one of the most popular cat breed mixtures, and it’s also noted for getting along well with other canines and kids (if you have any).

Why are Maine Coon cats so friendly?

Maine Coons can get along with just about every other member of the animal kingdom, just as they are naturally fantastic around dogs and little children. They are self-sufficient and self-assured, which makes them easygoing and apathetic to the presence of other pets.

Are Maine coons one-person cats?

During their early lives, Maine coon cats begin to identify as their owners. They are completely devoted to the person they adore, following them, becoming angry if they leave the house, and prioritizing their time with them over all others.

How old do Maine Coon cats live?

The Maine coons can live between 12 and 15 years.

Maine Coon cats are a robust, resilient breed that has evolved to withstand the harsh environment of New England.

The Maine coons were bred as working cats, so they have amazing abilities such as hunting, fishing, or even tree climbing. 


If you’ve read this article, we hope it has been informative and insightful for you.

We recommend that before adopting a Maine Coon or Bengal as your new furry companion, think about the process of introducing them to one another first. It can be difficult but is worth the effort if you want to live with two cats in harmony!