Can a Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

short hair maine coon

Domestic cat breeds are endless, and you will find a perfect cat for your home. Among many such cats, the breed is Maine Coon. Maine Coon breed consists of large and friendly domesticated cats. These cats were on the brink of extinction long ago, but they are now commonly found in households. These cats have … Read more

Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

There are different types of cats and species. One of the most popular types of cats is the Maine Coons. These cats are huge and affectionate, and they adore humans and love being in their company. The cat breed is most popular for its large size that can be up to 40 inches. However, these … Read more

Should A Maine Coon Cat Be Shaved?

Maine Coon Shaved

It’s best if you don’t shave your cat. Shave your pet should only be done if required since it can cause additional damage than high-quality. For example, with the best intentions, pet parents cut off their Maine Coons, but this can be harmful to the cat’s fur in addition to general wellbeing. When cats’ fur … Read more

Can Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Can Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes

Can Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes? Maine Coon cats are recognized for their enormous muscular bodies, bushy tails, and long, luxurious coats. Their beauty is enchanting, and it’s common to find yourself staring into the eyes of a Maine Coon, wondering what this extremely intelligent, friendly cat breed sees when they look at you. … Read more

Maine Coon Trill: Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

Maine Coon Trill

Maine Coon cats are boisterous and express their needs with trills and chirps. They never meow. Chirping and trilling are an indication of joy and arousal. Maine Coons are not noisy cats; they constantly chirp if they’re hungry, thirsty, distressed, or require care! A Maine Coon will not be vocal with laryngeal paralysis. You could … Read more