Can A Cat Jump From The Second Floor?

Can A Cat Jump From The Second Floor?

Cats cannot leap from the second story and may get catastrophic injuries if they do. When living in an apartment or a two-story house, it is advised that safety devices be installed to keep the cat safe. Most cat owners do not take this issue as seriously as they should. Due of the height, it is possible that the cat may get injured and/or die. Lading position and placement, height from second story to ground, and cat age are all important considerations. When asking “Can a cat leap from the second floor?” you must recognize that each case is unique, but the general opinion is that it is not a good idea. Unfortunately, many cats may not realize this until it is too late, or they may be pursuing another animal and get lost in the process.

Can A Cat Jump From The Second Floor?

Why Can’t Cats Jump From The Second Floor?

Difficulty Landing

Tough Landing Position

Cats are terrific jumpers when they are under control, but when their height reaches to such proportions, their control suffers substantially.

Dangerous Landing Spot

Cats leaping from the second story are likely to come into contact with a hard surface on the ground since gravity begins to play a role after jumping.

Final Words

Cats should not leap from second stories, and they must be kept safe at all times. If it means putting up a pet gate in front of the balcony entrance, then so be it. As a safety precaution, it is advisable to seek for measures to keep the cat from wandering where it shouldn’t.