Can Cats Drink Spring Water?

Cats love spring. The warmth, fresh air, and new surroundings aren’t too stressful for them.

When they’re thirsty, they might lap up water from the cracks in the sidewalk.

Some cats even drink spring water directly from the clouds. So, can cats drink spring water?

Cats can drink spring water! But it’s important to note that humans have been drinking spring water for generations without getting sick from drinking it.

So, as long as you’re careful and follow the guidelines below, your pet should be fine to drink spring water too!

Let’s start now!

Can Cats Drink Spring Water?

Spring water is safe for cats to drink.

If you give your cat natural spring water, it’s good hydration. To know if it’s safe to drink, look for a seal from the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators. These organizations test all types of drinking water to ensure that it’s safe before it’s sold to the public. Tap water is safe to drink for cats too!

This reduces the likelihood of getting food poisoning from contaminated tap water or from consuming contaminated water from their dish.

Is Spring Water Good For Cats?

Because it contains natural vitamins and nutrients from the earth, it’s much more beneficial for a cat’s health than highly processed tap water.

For cats, the mineral concentrations in spring water can be beneficial for their health.

Water stored in bisphenol-A (BPA) can leach chemicals into your cat’s canned cat food, which may trigger an allergic reaction in your cat.

BPA is a chemically similar to thyroid, which can affect an animal’s metabolism.

If the water originates from a natural spring and is stored in a BPA-free container, then it’s safe for your pet to drink.

Giving your cat purified water is a good option if your cat doesn’t have a problem with tap water and you prefer to give your pet purified water over spring water.

A simple filter that fits to your faucet or directly on the spout of the tank can help to remove chlorine from the water and can improve the taste and smell too.

Another great way to provide water for your pet is with a pet water fountain.

Is Spring Water Safe For Cats To Drink?

Yes, if provided in appropriate amounts and free from contaminants like pesticides or fluoride.

It’s recommended to avoid store-bought spring water that’s often produced out of contaminated underground springs because it can leach harmful chemicals into your cats drinking water.

A reluctant cat may also be put off by the unfamiliar taste of spring water, so consider diluting it a little with tap or distilled water if your pet doesn’t like drinking.

Making fruit-infused water your feline friend will enjoy is another safe option that you can make at home, simply buy a piece of fruit and leave it in a pitcher of water at room temperature overnight.

Do Cats Like Spring Water?

Cats do like spring water, but whether they will drink it is another matter.

Water bottled fresh from a spring is full of minerals that cats find attractive to drink.

On the other hand, plastic bottles filled with water which comes from a swimming pool is questionable, so you might want to give that away too.

Mineral water is better than tap water, but filtering it through a Brita pitcher can be a little expensive.

Another source of concern is bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical which has been shown to leach from plastic water bottles into the cats drinking water.

Carbonated water generates more interesting bubbles than just plain water offers, plus the extra carbonation adds a little fizz to the drink.

The best approach to keep your pet hydrated is to pour fresh tap water into a clean bowl don’t always use bottled water and water dispensers.

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Can Cats Drink Bottled Spring Water?

Because the plastic in bottles contains toxic compounds, pet owners should think twice about their pet’s access to bottled water.

Most people are aware of what goes into the plastic used to bottle human beverages, such as benzene and related hydrocarbons, phthalates, and bisphenol-A (BPA).

But we don’t always think about the chemicals in the bottles we use to fill their cat’s water dish. Research shows that plastic bottles contain harmful toxins that can affect health, so choosing food from a plastic container isn’t as big an issue as it used to be.


The purity of spring water, compared to that of tap water and bottled water, is questionable.

Regular water intake is not only important for proper hydration, but it is crucial for regulating body temperature and maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

Furthermore , drinking plenty of water can help to reduce the risk of your cat getting a urinary infection, which most of the time is caused by consuming large amounts of dry food.

When cats don’t drink enough water, the urine starts to evaporate more from the bladder than usual. The concentration of minerals in the urine builds up, which can lead to a urinary infection.