Can Cats Eat Bran Flakes?

Cats love Bran flakes, and the flakes can be essential to your cat’s diet.

However, your feline can’t eat Bran flakes whole. The reason for this is that the flakes contain inactive bran, which does not fulfill your cat’s nutritional needs.

You can feed your feline Bran flake supplements to fulfill its quest for a healthy bowel. So, can cats eat bran flakes?

Cats can’t eat Bran flakes whole because the cereal is suitable for human consumption but dangerous for felines. The cereal is gluten free and contains insoluble fiber.

The insoluble fiber in Bran Flakes create diarrhea in cats because it can lead to a blockage in the guts. Cats also cannot break down the fiber and digest it easily.

The cereal also contains vitamins and nutrients that are not suitable for the digestive system of cats. The cereal is also not digestible by felines due to the presence of phytic acid and oxalates which prevent the absorption of minerals in cats.

Can Cats Eat Bran Flakes?

Cats shouldn’t be fed Bran Flakes because the cereal contains soluble fiber and insoluble fiber which can pose several health issues in felines.

Nonetheless, it won’t damage your cat’s health if you give your cat Bran Flakes as a supplement.

However, bran flakes aren’t something they can eat on regular basis because it will harm their nutritional and digestive health.

Cats with delicate stomachs, in particular, should avoid feeding on bran flakes.

Do Cats Hate Bran Flakes?

Cats usually overlook bran flakes rather than eating it whole which can cause them to vomit it out.

They might give bran flakes a quick sniff before moving on. However, they probably won’t eat it whole.

The cat’s digestive system is different from that of humans so they can’t tolerate bran flakes like people.

Bran flakes are incomplete food, which doesn’t contain essential minerals and nutrients required for a cat’s growth.

If fed to a pet cat, the cat will find it difficult to digest bran flakes and face serious health issues.

Bran flakes aren’t necessary for cats’ health; in fact, feeding it on regular basis can cause certain health issues like bloating, diarrhea and vomiting.

They can receive all the fiber they required from their regular cat foods.

Do Cats Like Bran Flakes?

This is entirely up to your personal choice if you wish to feed your cat bran flakes or not.

My elderly cat hasn’t shown any interest towards it so don’t force feed your pet.

However, I’ve heard plenty of tales of cats knocking boxes over and munching on what’s inside which is surely not good for their nutritional health.

Bran flakes, on the other hand, are not something that cats are very fond of and can’t eat them as a whole.

How Much Bran Flakes Should I Give My Cat?

Contrary to popular opinion, bran flakes aren’t a complete food as there are no essential minerals and nutrients required for cats’ growth.

They receive no nutrients from it and will only cause bloating, diarrhea and vomiting if fed in excess.

However, if your cat consumed some bran flakes casually and is healthy then there shouldn’t be any issue.

Keep your cereal as much as the recommended quantity for your cat and that’s pretty much it.

Cats should not consume bran flakes on a daily basis as it can cause health problems.

Is It Possible That Eating Bran Flakes Would Kill My Cat?

You wouldn’t want to panic if your cat has consumed large amounts of bran flakes in one go.

However, you should make sure your pet doesn’t get any more of it in the future so it doesn’t cause any health issues like bloated stomach, diarrhea and vomiting.

Since bran flakes contain no toxins, it’s unlikely that your cat will suffer any fatal damage if consuming them.

Cereals and certain vegetables are so difficult to digest that it can cause stomach issues.

The quantity of fiber in bran flakes is so high that it can feed the bacteria living inside the cat’s digestive system and result into bloating and the formation of gas in the stomach.

Food-grade bran flakes are completely safe to feed to cats but it’s generally not advisable to do so on a regular basis.

You definitely wouldn’t want to offer bran flakes to cats on regular basis as it can result in stomach problems.

However, if your cat slipped into them and hasn’t experienced any adverse symptoms then it doesn’t mean the cereal is completely safe for his consumption.

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Health Benefits of Bran Flakes for Cats

The heavy content of fiber in bran flakes can cause stomach upset in cats but it won’t cause any other health issues.

Since many cat food brands add in veggies and grains to enhance the taste and texture of their products, it’s easy to forget that these ingredients can be harmful to animals with sensitive gastrointestinal system.

Their bodies do not possess the adequate enzymes to break down these healthy ingredients which in turn can result into health problems.


In conclusion, since Bran Flakes are dangerous to felines, the cereal should not be fed to cats. Instead, Bran Flakes should be fed to cats as supplements or treats after thoroughly diluting the cereal in water.

You should feed the cereal as a supplement to your cat’s regular diet as it contains fiber and vitamins that are essential for the feline digestive system.

Bran flakes will not kill or harm your cat in the long run, but in case your cat develops diarrhea or other common stomach problems after consuming the cereal then you can safely assume that he has an allergy to the cereal.