Can Cats Eat Timothy Hay?

Cats are natural fans of Timothy hay.

Since it’s an essential part of your cat’s diet, you want to ensure that they always have access to it. You can feed your feline timothy hay (or other grass) occasionally as a dietary supplement.

So, can cats eat timothy hay? Cats naturally enjoy eating grass from the garden or from their cat grass treats.

Timothy hay is dried grass that’s tasty and healthy for cats to eat. Since it’s an essential food for cats, it’s wise to keep some around for when your furry friend needs a snack or supplement to its diet.

Can Cats Eat Timothy Hay?

Yes, and cats love the taste of this nutritious grass.

Though cats are carnivores, hay is not a part of their normal diet.

However, veterinarians recommend that all domestic house cats be given a variety of foods in their diet for proper nutrition. Grass provides a healthy option, so it’s fine to feed your cat pure timothy hay or other grass on occasion as a treat or supplement.

Before delving into why cats eat hay and which types of grass are safe for them to eat, let’s cover some of the facts about this tasty grass first.

What Is Timothy Hay?

Timothy hay is a grass that is mainly imported from the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Timothy hay, often known as cat’s gold or orchard grass, is sometimes confused with alfalfa or clover, both of which are poisonous to cats.

Timothy is also beneficial for horses and other livestock and is grown all over the world; however, most timothy hay sold is imported from either Argentina or the United Kingdom.

Because the hay is strong in fiber and vitamins A, and C, it’s healthy for all animals to eat and is sold as food for humans as well.

Timothy hay’s low protein content makes it a safe food for livestock and horses.

Is Timothy Hay Safe For Cats?

Timothy hay is healthy for your feline companion and can be used as a treat or supplement in a healthy diet.

If your cat consumes a lot of hay that he’s never eaten before, you can run the risk that he’ll choke on it or develop intestinal upset.

The main reason for this is because grasses contain a higher amount of protein than cats normally consume, thus leading to an upset stomach.

As a result, Timothy hay is safe for cats in moderate amounts and not in large quantities.

Because cats are carnivores, they require diets high in protein and fat.

Do Cats Like Timothy Hay?

Yes, and cats and other critters usually love it when it’s available.

Timothy hay is nutritious and high in fiber, making it a healthy choice for small animals like cats.

In general, herbivores prefer Timothy hay, and when my cats see me bringing a box in from the garage or shed they will fight over it.

Your cat will constantly be vying for your attention and when you bring it in and run your hand through the long stalks of hay they will chase your fingers and beg for more.

Why Do Cats Like Timothy Hay?

There is no documented proof that your cat loves its favorite green herb.

Timothy hay for cats has no preservatives and is as fresh as you can get.

However, you may see cats eating grass from time to time and there’s nothing to indicate that it’s a good or bad thing.

It is treated and dried before it is sold and because it is soft it can be used in treats and in things like cat litter or dog bedding.

Is Timothy Hay Bad for Cats?

Hay is widely known for providing a soft bedding material that can be used safely for animals like horses, cattle and calves and rabbits and guinea pigs and hamsters and gerbils.

Although it may produce vomiting in horses, this probably only happens in certain circumstances.

Timothy hay has little nutritional value and is not a good food choice for horses.

You may relate the usage of hay in horses to the use of straw in farm animals, although livestock tends to do better on grass than on hay.

It might also be used as a substitute for pine shavings as a bedding material but it’s not very good for small animals and is more expensive than shavings.

Overfeeding your cat with timothy hay may make it sick because it doesn’t have a high nutritional value.

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How Much Hay Can Cats Eat?

Small amounts of hay, roughly five to ten extra pounds per week, is fine for a cat to consume but it is not nutritionally necessary.

Timothy hay is a kind of grass that is basically fed to horses and ponies and it’s most commonly used as a bedding material.

As a result, your cat may like eating hay because it offers a light type of food that is easy to digest and that it is familiar with for it’s food.

Feeding or permitting your cat to overconsume hay may cause it to become ill and it could suffer from lack of nutrients that it needs for survival.


Cats need grass as part of their diets and it’s even better if they can get fresh grass from the garden or cat grass treats.

But you can also offer dried grass like timothy hay as a snack or as a supplement to your feline’s regular diet. So, can cats eat timothy hay?

Yes! It’s a healthy and tasty snack for your cat.

Just remember to keep it in a sealed container where it can’t escape. Otherwise, you might come home to a pile of dust bunnies!

Still, too much amount may produce vomiting, which is another sign that the cat food is causing the sickness in cats.

Because there is no nutritional benefit to offering Timothy hay to your cats, it should only be given as a treat and in moderation.